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Shabonlar is Vader Monster "01" of the Vader Clan

Character History

Shabonlar is sent out alongside Keller and Mirror by Queen Hedrian to attack Earth; while initially being sent to disrupt human society, it becomes disturbed when it hears the beautiful music from a concert hall; this makes him attack the violinist turning her into a porcelain statue which shatters upon hitting the ground. The four male Denziman (minus Momoi who decided to not stay on the team) try to fight Shabonlar, but it is able to get away due to not having the ability to create DenziStick Boomerang to finish it off.

During a second incursion, Shabonlar hears the beautiful music this time from Momoi playing the piano; sneaking into her apartment, he begins to use his bubble ability to change her into a porcelain statue but is spotted by the Denziman when Akagi uses his Denzi Scope to spy out what was happening to their teammate. Learning of the "Denzi Shower" ability through their internal computers, the male Denziman use the power from the Denzi Stones on their helmets to revive Momoi and remove Shabonlar from her body. The Denziman work together and finally defeat Shabonlar, then use DaiDenzin after it grows itself to combat it and fully defeat it with the Electric Full-Moon Cut.


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Its main ability is to use soap bubbles to remove the moisture from objects; when used on plants it leads to their instant death. When he uses his ability on people, he directly attaches to a person while turning invisible, making it seem like soap bubbles are popping all over their body until they slowly harden into a state similar to a porcelain statue; their heart continues to beat slowly but they will die either from being shattered or five minutes after reaching this state. In combat these could be used as low explosives. He also uses a staff with bubble-like protrusions at the top for combat, manipulate fire, and could change his size.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Shabonlar were designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


  • Naming: "Shabon" = "Bubble"


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