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""Cut, cut!""
―Cutting Ninja Shiransu's first words after Sargain introduced him.[src]
""Not again. They're back!""
―Shiransu when charging at Kouta and Yousuke after they became friends again and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
―Shiransu's Copy Giant's first line after being knocked down by the Tortoise Hammer.[src]
""I lost...""
―Severing Ninja Shuransu's final words before his death.[src]

Severing Ninja Shiransu (縁切り忍者シラーンス Enkirinin Siransu, 6): A robotic rabbit Chunin working under Second Spear, Sargain who is able to cause conflict between people, severing the bonds that bind them. 

Character History

Initially destroyed by Yousuke and Kouta in the Super Nintitsu; Dance of Shadow before being recreated by Wendinu. Easily overwhelmed Senpuujin and it's Sword Slasher with his arm blades but taken down by the new Tortoise Hammer and killed by it's Rocked Buster attack.


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