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"Show yourself coward!"
―Severax's first words[src]
"Not this time!"
―Severax's first words being enlarged[src]

Severax is a strong mechanical axe-themed mutant who helped Ransik to find Frax and get Serum. He is the secondary antagonist of the episode "Dawn of Destiny".


Severax, as all other mutants, was created in the result of the chemical accident. Before the events of the series, he was captured by Time Force rangers and frozen in the Cryo-Prison. Later, in the twenty-eighth episode, Severax was released by Ransik to help him find Frax. Severax with cyclobots helped Ransik and seeked Frax in the wood, but Cyclobots were programmed by Frax and when they found him, they didn't not tell Ransik about it. When this plan was foiled, Ransik ordered Severax and cyclobotes to attack Bio-Lab and find Serum. Severax and cyclobots attacked the building and Ransik found the Serum, heavily wounding Mr. Collins in the process. When Ransik found Serum, he left the place and ordered Severax and the Cyclobots to destroy the building. Severax and the Cyclobots succeeded and destroyed the entire building, but the Rangers intervened. Severax used his weapon in the battle. He could transform his right arm into the blade and left arm into the blaster. While other rangers fought with the Cyclobots, Severax fought with Katie and thought that he could defeat her, but Lucas arrived. Blue and Yellow rangers combined their powers to defeat the mutant with super speed. Severax was nearly defeated, but he cut chain of his DNA and enlarged himself. In the giant size after the big battle, Severax was finally defeated and frozen by Time Shadow Megazord. Dawn of Destiny

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Left Chest Blade.


Severax is incredibly boastful mutant. He is very confident and thinks that he is the best. Like all many mutants he is chaotic, destructive and arrogant, likes his job and causing havoc and destruction. He underestimates rangers and it led to his defeat. But it is also shown, that he is very loyal to Ransik. He also has sense of humor and is very funny and comedy.

Powers And Abilities

  • Body Modification: Severax can transform his arms into weapons. He can turn his right arm into a blade and his left arm into a blaster.
  • Big Strength: Severax has big strength which was enough to fight the Rangers.
  • Enlarging: Severax can enlarge himself, using his Seal Patch, as all other mutants.


  • Arm Blade: Severax can transform his right arm into a blade.
  • Arm Blaster: Severax can transform his left arm into a blaster.
    • Energy Blasts: Severax can shoot powerful orange and green energy blasts from his arm blaster.

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