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Seto (セトー Setō) is a mysterious hooded ally of the Ryusoulgers. After Naohisa Tatsui dug into his temple, he uses his body to communicate with the other Ryusoulgers, though the possession is only temporary. Seto later becomes Ryusoul Brown (リュウソウブラウン Ryūsō Buraun) to aid the Ryusoulgers in the final battle against Eras.

Character History

Seto Opening

Hooded Seto in the Opening theme song


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Powers and Abilities

Unlike the other Ryusoulgers, Seto lacks the usual power and finesse in fighting despite becoming Ryusoul Brown. He largely blames this on the elderly body that he inhabits during the series. He can transform into Ryusoul Brown at his will without using the Ryusoul Changer and RyuSoul. In the only fight he took place in, he largely took a supportive role to the best of his abilities. He distracted Pricious with childish tricks long enough to allow Koh to break the barrier, and with the other Ryusoulgers he used several different RyuSouls to complement their attacks.


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Ryusoul Brown




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This Form is Exlusive to Episode 46.

Behind the Scenes





  • Seto seems to be the antithesis of EvoltoIcon-crosswiki from Kamen Rider BuildIcon-crosswiki as both are spirits who possessed the first personsIcon-crosswiki who made contact with their resting places (Their hosts are also fathers whose daughtersIcon-crosswiki are the main female allies to the heroes). The main difference is that Seto is an ally and he aids and guides the heroes while Evolto was the main villain of Build though he sometimes helped them. Another difference is that Seto only can temporally possess Naohisa’s body while Evolto had full control of his host.
    • Additionally, Seto is similar to VernageIcon-crosswiki from the aforementioned series, on top of their role as allies to the heroes and possessed one of the supporting characters to combat an incredibly powerful threat.
  • His suit is a re-painted Gaisoulg suit, just like Isamu Ozu’s Wolzard suits (both regular Dark and true Flame).
  • Ryusoul Brown is the first official Brown Ranger in Super Sentai history.
  • When he used his armor for the first and only time, Asuna called him 'Ryusoul Rust' before settling with brown. Ironically, this is just as fitting as rust is something that happens to metal which wears it down and makes it weaker than it was originally. With Seto possessing the body of an old man and not really able to fight well in it, he is, figuratively and literally, rusted.



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