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Serpicon is a giant girdled lizard-themed mutant. Serving as the main antagonist of the episode "Circuit Unsure". and if one discounts Max Axe and Doomtron since they are robots and the latter can be classed as an Evil Zord (since Frax himelf pilots it), Serpicon is the final monster of Power Rangers Time Force.


One of two last mutants left, Serpicon is sent by Ransik to take over the Space Center. He ties up the staff and sets the center to self-destruct. He duels with the Quantum Ranger and when defeated in a duel, quickly grows to face the Q-Rex. After Circuit is damaged protecting the Rangers, he is unable to summon the Megazords so the Rangers use the Time Jet to attack Serpicon instead. The Rangers disarm Serpicon and he is quickly frozen again by the Q-Rex's Max Blizzard attack.

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Upper Right Leg

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  • Scerpicon is the final Mutant deployed by Ransik before the final scheme.

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