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"(Alpha 5): Sensors in outer space indicate Zedd has begun energizing some sort of massive weapon.
(Zordon): The day that I have feared has arrived. Zedd has completed Serpentera, a gigantic machine of destruction. Serpentera is more powerful than anything you have yet faced. "
―Zordon introducing Serpentera to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.[src]

Serpentera was a colossal Zord who served as the personal Zord of Lord Zedd and was one of the biggest Zords in Power Rangers history.


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There was also some debate as to Serpentera's origins due to there being no known canonical sources. Some believed that it was a spoil of the previous war against Zordon 10,000 years ago. Another popular theory was that Zedd had it built himself in order to deal with the Rangers: that theory was supported by a short scene when Serpentera first landed in Angel Grove, and ran out of power. Zedd then yelled: "Serpentera out of power again?! Impossible! The thing is brand new!" However, that could have been him referring to the fact that it was the first time that he had used Serpentera.

Mighty Morphin

Sometime after the defeat of the Beamcaster, Lord Zedd watches over the Earth and suddenly realizes that half of the Power Rangers have to attend a Swedish Peace Conference and delights in how disabled this will make the team. As such, he decides to go straight for the proverbial jugular and powers up Serpentera to destroy the Earth for good although he first sends down Squatt and Baboo to Earth with a special designed sleep machine to send everyone in the world to sleep and prevent Zordon from recruiting new Rangers. Even Zordon is forced to admit the Zord’s raw power and that it is unlike any monster or Zord the Rangers had ever fought. However, he soon realizes that they are headed to a Deserted Planet to obtain the Sword of Light that would allow them to transfer Jason, Zack and Trini’s powers to successors. As such, Zedd decides to annihilate them with Serpentera’s raw power. Zedd and Goldar set out in Serpentera shortly thereafter although Zedd, being the lazy and arrogant sort, forces Goldar to pilot it alone whilst he lounges around and monologues about taking over the universe. Despite not having the capability to teleport, Serpentera arrives very shortly after the Power Rangers as Billy announces that the Sword of Light belongs to a statue. As five of the Power Rangers head for the statue, Jason summons the Red Dragon Thunderzord as well as the Thunderzord Assault Team to try and confront the colossal Evil Zord and also to buy the others some time. They manage to briefly outrun it but have to dodge Serpentera’s jaws and Zedd is unimpressed by getting buzzed by a mosquito sized Zord.

Just as the Putty Patrol manage to tie Rocky, Adam and Aisha to a tree, Serpentera starts to charge itself up with lightning and begins smashing the city apart with its bare claws. Using its claws and lightning breath, it blasts apart the building and the neighborhood as Jason tries to confront it in the Red Dragon Thunderzord. However, when Jason realizes that his Zord is barely bigger than the Evil Zord’s ankle and Serpentera starts advancing on it, he summons Tor the Shuttlezord to counteract it. Barely dodging the Zord’s foot, it rolls and enters Tor's armor but Serpentera kicks it over and back into Shuttle Mode. Although it spends about half a minute grinding Tor into the ground, Zedd allows the Zords to escape after showing off how much power he truly has over them. Whilst the Power Rangers find the statue and try to pull the Sword of Light off of it, Serpentera disintegrates a random nearby upside-down pyramid but for doing that, Goldar loses track of the Power Rangers due to his Zord’s size. Zedd, realizing that they would not be able to find the statue before the Rangers, decides to instead destroy the entire planet with the Rangers on it. Goldar refuses due to the power drain that it will cause so Zedd does it himself by hitting a cliché big red button. As such, Serpentera unleashes a devastating lightning blast that consumes the planet’s surface. Tvicon TV STORY-The Power Transfer-part I

After the Stone Canyon trio smash the sleep machine, it is revealed that the previous attack was a false cliffhanger since Serpentera returns to blasting the not-destroyed city. After the Stone Canyon trio destroy the sleep machine, Serpentera continues attacking the city before Zedd decides again to destroy the city. Once more, Goldar refuses due to the power drain so Zedd does it himself by hitting a cliché big red button. As such, Serpentera unleashes a devastating lightning blast that consumes the planet’s surface. This seemingly destroys the Power Rangers and the planet so Zedd makes his way back but soon realizes that the Power Rangers escaped in time. Zedd then returns to Earth in Serpentera but realizes that the Power Rangers have escaped in time and is not able to arrive quickly enough to stop the Rangers from getting new Red, Black and Yellow Rangers. Bored and realizing that Serpentera would not reach the Earth anytime soon, Zedd spots a tick in the park and creates the Silver Horns monster to at the very least delay the Power Rangers. Serpentera later arrives as Zedd makes Silver Horns grows and lands as Silver Horns meets the White Tigerzord. However, it runs out of power due to the excess used to destroy the Deserted Planet and Goldar and Zedd sit out the fight as the Thunder Ultrazord takes out Silver Horns while Serpentera recharges. Once the monster is destroyed, Zedd asks if they have enough power to which Goldar responds that they only have enough to return to the Moon Palace. Enraged at being at Earth without power to destroy, Zedd kicks the cockpit in frustration before withdrawing although not before swearing revenge for this in the future. Tvicon TV STORY-The Power Transfer-part II

When Rocky enjoys playing Ernie's new play automate on the game pachinko, Zedd casts a spell on it which causes Rocky to have an unhealthy addiction to having fun. Rocky thinks only about games which Zedd hopes will distract the other Rangers long enough for him to attack with Serpentera to Earth. This idea fails, so he has to create the Pachinko Head monster to keep them busy. Though he is swiftly slain. Serpentera arrives immediately after the Thunder Megazord slays the monster and rips apart the formation with its lightning. With the Red Dragon Thunderzord completely down and exposed, Rocky summons Tor to counteract it. Barely dodging the Zord’s foot, it rolls and enters Tor's armor but Serpentera kicks it over and back into Shuttle Mode. Although it spends about half a minute grinding Tor into the ground, the attempt somehow drains over half of Serpentera's power and Zedd and Goldar are forced to retreat back to the Moon once again. Tvicon TV STORY-Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun

Lord Zedd picks up on a massive energy reading and goes after it in Serpentera, finding it to be a UFO piloted by a Bookala from the planet of the same name This is because Zedd realizes that the gem powering the ship (a Lightning Diamond) can provide Serpentera with infinite power and thus he can easily conquer or destroy the Earth. Serpentera quickly approaches Earth but Zedd realizes that Billy, Adam and Aisha have stumbled across the spaceship so he has Goldar try to annihilate them but they teleport away safely much to Zedd’s chagrin. Serpentera shoots down the vessel but the Rangers find it and initiate repairs so Zedd creates Weldo from a welding machine in Billy’s garage to steal the Lightning Diamond for him but he is easily slain. Frustrated, and somehow not seeing the fake Bookala doll, Zedd sends down Goldar and the Putties who manage to steal the Lightning Diamond. Zedd is his usual impatient self by strumming his fingers but Goldar appears with the Lightning Diamond to his shock whilst Goldar inserts the Lightning Diamond into the Power Grid. As they enter Earth’s atmosphere however, Bookala makes his escape attempt and Lord Zedd orders Goldar to fire on it but Serpentera is crippled by something. They realize too late that they have been tricked by the Rangers when Goldar takes the Lightning Diamond (which is in fact a fake designed to trick the villains) out of Serpentera's power grid and it fries into nothing. Furious over his lost chance to steal the diamond, and with Serpentera too badly damaged to even consider attacking the Earth directly, Zedd turns the fake Bookala into an evil version of the original to trick them into a trap. When this fails because he very dumbly creates the monster right in front of them Zedd enlarges his monster but the Zord fight fails and he and Goldar have to retreat back to the Moon Palace in their crippled Zord. Tvicon TV STORY-The Great Bookala Escape

After Rita Repulsa returns from exile and infects Zedd with a love potion, they get married and decide to make their honeymoon destroying the Power Rangers whilst they are trapped in the Specter Theater. Boarding Serpentera, Rita sits back on Lord Zedd’s command chair whilst Zedd pilots the Zord towards Earth with a sign of "Just Married" at the Zord's behind. Shortly thereafter however, Goldar discovers that the Power Rangers have outsmarted the immensely dense Peckster and the Rhinoblaster by capturing them inside a rope trap and have escaped. Goldar reports this to his master who orders him to send the entire monster army to Earth and attack before Zedd throws his Growth Bombs to enlarge the monster army. However, they are all wiped out and Rita and Zedd withdraw to the Moon Palace in disgrace. Tvicon TV STORY-The Wedding

Though Zedd and Rita attempt to go for a second honeymoon during the attack by Miss Chief, Serpentera runs out of power almost immediately due to Rito Revolto's forgetfulness to fuel it. Tvicon TV STORY-The Potion Notion

Serpentera is used by Zedd and Rita to escape the Moon when the Machine Empire attacked. With Finster noting that they will have to use its energy wisely to go somewhere far from the Machine Empire or else risk ending up without energy and floating in space, Zedd had no choice but to go with Rita's suggestion to flee to Master Vile's lair in the M51 Galaxy. Tvicon TV STORY-A Zeo Beginning

Serpentera is not seen again afterwards for a few years years so it is unknown if it was used when Zedd and Rita return to the Moon. But Zedd apparently had it buried sometime after his return, possibly to prevent it from being stolen or destroyed by his enemies.

Serpentera is then later unearthed four years after the defeat of the United Alliance of Evil on the Moon by General Venjix and his cohorts that make up the Machine Empire's remnants after they discovered the location of where it was buried. After it is given a neo-plutonium core in order to compensate for its weakness, Serpentera is piloted by Venjix when his generals are destroyed and after he successfully gets past the Red Rangers and into the cockpit. Fighting a losing battle, Venjix pilots Serpentera toward Earth in order to destroy it and avenge his king. However, before Venjix can succeed, Serpentera is then destroyed by Cole Evans using the Wild Force Rider and takes Venjix, the last known commander of the Machine Empire, with it, but not before the latter apologized to King Mondo for failing him and their empire. Tvicon TV STORY-Forever Red


Years after its destruction, Tommy Oliver shows Serpentera to the new Dino Thunder Rangers as he explains the power transfer and the threat Zedd posed. Tvicon TV STORY-Legacy of Power

When Evox summons his massive Chimera Zord, Jason compares it to Serpentera by saying that Evox's Zord was way worse than Serpentera due to having multiple heads. Tvicon TV STORY-Grid Connection

During the climactic battle between the army of Lord Drakkon and multiple Ranger teams, Serpentera, that was somehow acquired by Drakkon, is deployed and wipes out the Thunderstorm Megazord, Wild Force Megazord, and Shogun Megazord in one blast and then swallows the Dragonzord Battle Mode, leaving the Rangers at a disadvantage. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30

RJ, Kat, Kendall and Trini later use their Zords and Black Dragon armor to fuse with the Chronos Hyperforce Megazord to power it up, utilizing the Black Dragon's size changing ability to make the Megazord the same size as Serpentera and have a fighting chance. This new Megazord holds down Serpentera while Jason tries to head for the tower, but the dragon breaks its grip and heads for Jason's position and Serpentera destroys the leader of the Power Rangers by crushing him from inside his Zord. The evil Zord then chews on its "snack" before the kit bashed Megazord stabs it from behind in revenge, impaling it with the spire of the tower. Just moments after this reality is reformed by Drakkon though it is later restored by the Rangers. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale Issue 1

In a new timeline, just after Lord Zedd arrived and took over Rita's duties and before Jason, Trini and Zack decided to leave their Ranger team, Zedd started the creation of his Serpentera as a backup plan. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Go Go Power Rangers Issue 31

Zedd later uses Serpentera to attack the Deserted Planet as the Rangers tried to grab the Sword of Light to transfer the powers of their three Rangers who were leaving to other three successors. The Zord managed to destroy the planet but the Rangers teleported right before that. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Go Go Power Rangers Issue 32

Powers and Abilities


  • Long Range Communications: Serpentera had very long-range communications as seen when someone on the Moon made contact with the Zord on the Deserted Planet and told Goldar of the attempts to smash the sleep machine.
  • Lightning Empowerment: Serpentera was able to charge its body up with white lightning to increase its power.
  • Mouth Energy Beam: Serpentera was able to spray a large yellow energy beam from its mouth. However, it only did this once and failed to stop Cole in his Wild Force Rider.
  • Warrior Mode Transformation: Serpentera was able to bend back its body to stand upright in a Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode-like stance.
  • Lightning Breath: Serpentera was able to spew out yellow lightning from its mouth in Warrior Mode. These were capable of ripping apart buildings as well as the Thunder Megazord with one hit.
    • Mega Mouth Lightning Stream: It was also able to fire its lightning in a powerful continuous stream. This seemed to be an upgraded form of the mouth energy beam seen in Forever Red as it disintegrated a floating upside-down pyramid.
    • Black Hole Blast: Serpentera’s most dangerous ability where it charged its yellow lightning into its throat before spraying it onto the ground in a continuous stream to create a massive void in the ground which would then consume a planet’s entire surface and make it disintegrate.
  • Zord Mode Transformation: Serpentera can also change back into its Zord mode at will.


  • Strength: Serpentera was the most powerful Zord in the entire Zordon Era and remains to this day one of the most powerful in Power Rangers history. A single attack from it was able to destroy entire planets in seconds and nearly destroyed the Thunderzords entirely with a single blast.
  • Durability: Serpentera was shot many times over by the Wild Force Rider without taking any visible damage.
    • Sand Immunity: Due to its tight-fitting armored skin, Serpentera was able to operate on the Deserted Planet during a sandstorm without the internal mechanics being ruined.
  • Space Travel: Serpentera was able to effortlessly travel through space without any negative side effects.
  • Speed: Serpentera lacked the ability to teleport but still arrived on the Deserted Planet less than a minute after the Power Rangers despite them having a very significant head start.
  • Incredible Weight: Serpentera was incredibly immense in body weight as it was in size. Just pressing a single foot onto Tor nearly crushed It into oblivion.
  • Flight: In its serpentine and more streamlined form, Serpentera was able to contort its body side to side like a snake to move through space.


  • High Fuel Consumption (formerly): Due to being such a massive Zord with many components needed to operate it, Serpentera was unable to destroy the Earth twice as it was completely out of power. With General Venjix infusing it with a neo-plutonium core, this was no longer a factor.
  • Speed Limit: Serpentera was immensely fast but could only reach hyper-drive like speeds once before having to refuel. This allowed the Power Rangers to use the Sword of Light to transfer powers and for the Thunderzord Assault Team to buzz the giant Zord without getting munched on.
  • Vulnerable Mouth: Serpentera’s only weak point was its mouth as seen when Cole flew into it and rammed through the back of its throat, which obliterated the Zord.


  • Claws: Being a dragon-based Zord, Serpentera lacked weapons but had massive clawed hands to hack and slash its enemies with. However, it never used them as it relied on its weight instead to crush things under them.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Serpentera's name is a pun/portmanteau on “serpent” and “terror”.


  • For twenty-six years, Serpentera held the record of the largest Zord in Power Rangers history. This record has since been beaten by Evox’s Chimera Zord, which was eight times bigger than Serpentera; even Jason himself addressed this.
  • Serpentera was originally a sentient being in Dairanger, a giant Chinese dragon-like god created by the universe itself at its point of conception. Its goal was to maintain peace in the universe by any means necessary - including causing mass death and destruction in order to eliminate the aggressor. It came to Earth to “resolve” the conflict between the Dairangers and the Gorma Tribe.
  • The footage of Serpentera attacking the Deserted Planet was originally footage of him attacking the Gorma Palace and Tokyo, tinted orange.
  • How much fuel Serpentera consumed because it ran out of fuel was extremely inconsistent to bend to the will of the plot. In The Power Transfer, it reached the Deserted Planet, caused mass destruction, had a “showdown” with Tor, crushed and ground it for a good bit, destroyed the planet, returning to Earth, entered the atmosphere, and ran out of fuel. In Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun, it ran out of fuel immediately after arriving on Earth and having a “showdown” with Tor.
  • Serpentera was used only four times in combat in the whole franchise, only three of which occurred in Season 2.
    • The reason for this is because its counterpart only made three appearances in Dairanger so there was little usable footage, while the fourth appearance was in the tenth anniversary celebratory episode.
      • It also was not destroyed in Dairanger, instead returning to police the galaxy, which is why it was destroyed in Forever Red.
  • Serpentera was the only villain's Zord that was used in part of the toy line. Jarrod and Camille's Animal Spirits do not count, because they had become good by the time that they were shown using them.


  • Serpentera is seen in several MMPR video games;
    • Serpentera was used as background filler in the MMPR Movie Game. This is despite the fact that it was not featured or mentioned in the actual movie.
    • Serpentera was again used as background filler in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition as part of Lord Zedd's stage.
    • Serpentera's only active appearance in a video game is in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle where it becomes the final boss when Zedd summons it from a massive portal in the sky to destroy the Earth Unlike the other bosses in the game, this fight is fought on floating rock platforms and the Zord constantly tries to blast and claw the Megazord. Even so, the Megazord swiftly gains the upper-hand, upgrades into Ultra Power Mode and finishes it off with the Power Sword. Though this does not destroy Serpentera, the Rangers are able to seal it back inside the portal by taking back the Megazord energy Zedd stole to summon it though at the cost of having to sacrifice the Megazord to the portal as well.

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