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Not to be confused with the similarily named monster, Serpentina.

Serpentera is a colossal (in comparison to the Power Rangers' zords) personal Zord of Lord Zedd, and is co-piloted by Goldar.


Serpentera is the most massive Zord ever created; the skycraper-sized Red Dragon Thunderzord is roughly the size of its hand. It resembles an Eastern Dragon in form, and has enough power to annihilate a planet. It attacks by firing out bolts of energy, and its colossal size allows to crush nearly any foe, although Tor the Shuttlezord could withstand it, if only barely. Its massive power brought the Power Rangers to the brink of defeat every time that it was called, and it failed to destroy them only because of its one weakness: the colossal amount of fuel that it needed to power its offensive capabilities. This weakness, however, does not appear to affect enough, if at all, its basic flight capabilities, nor the engines it uses for interstellar flight, as indicated by the fact that it was still able to return to the Moon even after losing power in battle against the Power Rangers.


Serpentera was first used when Lord Zedd took it to the Deserted Planet to keep the Power Rangers from getting the Sword of Light. Jason briefly attempted to fight Serpentera with the Red Dragon Thunderzord, but quickly saw his Zord was no match and retreated in Tor after Serpentera proved unable to crush it. Zedd then went on a rampage with Serpentera, destroying everything in sight, but he grew frustrated that he was unable to find the Power Rangers and decided to destroy the entire planet. Fortunately, the Power Rangers had managed to escape with the Sword of Light before Serpentera completely destroyed the Deserted Planet. Lord Zedd then took Serpentera to Angel Grove to destroy the city, but to his dismay found that his Zord had used up too much power, forcing him to have to retreat back to his palace to refuel. The Power Transfer

The only other time Serpentera did any fighting was when Lord Zedd created the Pachinko Head monster. While his monster was in Angel Grove, Lord Zedd took Serpentera to Earth. After the Pachinko Head was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord, Serpentera arrived and disassembled the Zord with one blast. Zedd then attempted to crush the Red Dragon Thunderzord, but it hid inside Tor's armor. Zedd tried to crush Tor again, but the attempt somehow drained over half of Serpentera's power, and Zedd was, again, forced to retreat back to his palace. Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun

Serpentera was later used by Lord Zedd to try and capture Bookala and its diamond power source so that he wouldn't have to keep recharging his Zord, but the attempt to capture Bookala failed due to interference by the Power Rangers who then later tricked Lord Zedd by giving him a fake version of Bookala's diamond power source. The Great Bookala Escape

Serpentera would later be used to take Zedd and Rita on their first honeymoon as it was seen with a "Just Married" banner trailing from the Zord's tail. The Wedding Though they attempted to go for a second one, Serpentera ran out of power due to Rito Revolto's forgetfulness. The Potion Notion

Sepentera was used by Zedd and Rita to escape the Moon when the Machine Empire attacked. It is unknown why Zedd and Rita chose to flee the Moon instead of use Serpentera to defend their palace given how powerful it was in spite of its weakness. A Zeo Beginning It is not seen again afterwards for a long time, so it is unknown if it was used when Zedd and Rita returned to the Moon, but, presumably, Zedd had it buried sometime after his return, possibly to prevent it from being stolen or destroyed by his enemies. Serpentera is then later unearthed on the Moon by General Venjix and his cohorts after discovering the location of where it was buried. Given a neo-plutonium core in order to compensate for its weakness and greatly miniaturized for reasons unknown, Serpentera is piloted by Venjix (after he successfully gets past the Red Rangers who were trying to stop him) towards Earth to destroy it. However, before Venjix can succeed at this, Serpentera is destroyed by the Red Wild Force Ranger using the Wild Force Rider, taking Venjix, the last known commander of the Machine Empire, with it. Forever Red

One possible theory is that this second incarnation was a prototype (or alpha version) of the actual Serpentera, given that Zedd took Serpentera with him after he left, and there is no evidence that he brought Serpentera back with him when he returned to the Moon, as well as the second one's significant reduction in size and power. Another possible theory is that the second Serpentera was given a reduction in size to mitigate its tremendous fuel consumption. The second one appears silver and purple where the original is green and gray. The likely reasons out of universe are that Serpentera was reduced in size either for reasons of animation cost, or its size being reduced to make Cole's destruction of the zord appear more believable than what would have been possible when it was shown to be bigger than most (if not all) cities and powerful enough to destroy planets.

There is also some debate as to Serpentera's origins due to there being no known canonical sources. Some believe that it was a spoil of the previous war against Zordon 10,000 years ago (in which the Sword of Darkness was also claimed.) Another popular theory is that Zedd had it built himself in order to deal with the Rangers, this theory is supported by a short scene when Serpentera first lands in Angel Grove, and it runs out of power. Zedd yells "Serpentera out of power again?! Impossible! The thing is brand new!" However, this could be him refering to the fact that it is the first time he had used it.



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  • Footage of Daijinryuu stepping on and destroying the Pachinko Head monster was replaced with a recycled shot of the Thunder Megazord's Saber, as it wouldn't make sense to viewers if Lord Zedd destroyed his own monster.
  • Footage of Daijinryuu attacking Tokyo at night and attacking the Gorma Palace was used for Serpentera attacking the Deserted Planet.
  • Serpentera is the only villain's Zord to be used in part of the toyline. Jarrod and Camille's animal spirits do not count because they were good by the time they were shown using them.
  • Serpentera was introduced in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season 2 and was not destroyed until Wild Force which is technically season 10, although it was not seen very much after season 2.
  • Before "Forever Red," the last time Serpentera appeared was in "A Zeo Beginning" which first introduced the Machine Empire, and "Forever Red" dealt with the remaining Machine Empire generals reawakening Serpentera.

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