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"Damn you......Did you think I'd let you go after making a fool out of me?!"
―Serial Thief Dorba's first words enlarging himself
"Hurry up. I'm waiting!"
―Serial Thief Dorba's first words

Serial Thief Dorba (連続窃盗犯・ドーバ Renzoku Settōhan Dōba, 40): A chameleon-themed thief. He was sent by Dolnero to steal the Reda Virus vaccine from the City Guardians, so they (The Londers) could sell it to make a great profit out of its' importance. TimeFire attempts to keep the vaccine away from Dorba before TimeBlue battled him, leaving Dorba open for attack by TimeRed, Pink, and Green. Angered, Dorba enlarged himself and battled Shadow Beta and V-Rex Robo before being brought into custody.


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