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""Preparing?" You'd prepare to go on a date. You'd prepare dinner. You'd prepare to go on vacation. You do not prepare to go to battle. You are already prepared. You do not wait for the enemy to come to you. You go to your enemy! Do you understand me?!"
―Sergeant Silverback[src]

"D-Level cadets, Welcome to S.P.D."
―Sergeant Silverback 'demoting' B-Squad back to D-Squad.

Sergeant Silverback is the S.P.D. drill sergeant who teaches B-Squad to work together. Sergeant Silverback is an alien that looks like a cross between a caveman and a gorilla. He is very bossy and cynical and speaks like a stereotypical military officer. Sergeant Silverback also owns a bulldog version of R.I.C.


Sergeant Silverback resided on Zentor where Anubis Cruger sends B-Squad to train under him. During the training, he used reprogrammed Krybots to fight them. One of their mess-ups caused Sergeant Silverback to confiscate their Morphers and "demote" them to D-Squad. He also warned them that if they mess up again, he will report it to Anubis Cruger and have them dismissed from S.P.D. altogether.

Upon regaining their rank by working together, B-Squad had proved themselves to Silverback. When Silverback contacts Anubis that B-Squad had passed his training, Kat Manx tells Silverback that Anubis Cruger and Sam have been captured. Given the urgency, Silverback then grants B-Squad access to the S.W.A.T. technology in his S.W.A.T. Truck. Tvicon TV STORY-S.W.A.T.

Silverback returned to aid the Rangers in facing the Troobian forces on Earth. He also brought his own R.I.C. with him and another S.W.A.T. Truck to assist in the battle. He is surprised to see that Doggie Cruger survived the destruction of Omni, commenting "Well, I'll be." to his R.I.C.. Sergeant Silverback then joins in the celebration after Gruumm is captured by Cruger. Tvicon TV STORY-Endings


Silverback is a tough and harsh drill sergeant. He has zero respect for his authority being challenged, as shown with his first interaction with Jack:

Silverback: You will not like me!
Jack: [quietly] We already don't.
Silverback: [to Jack] I heard that! Drop and give me fifty!
Jack: But sir---
Silverback: Make that one hundred!

He also has a tendency to make monkey sounds and cheering during or after his sentences.

Powers and Abilities[]


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Behind the Scenes[]


  • Sergeant Silverback was portrayed and voiced by John Tui who also portrayed Anubis Cruger.
    • He sounds almost exactly like Cruger except for having a Southern accent.


  • Bearing a strong resemblance to great apes, Silverback takes his name and personality traits from a gorilla in the upper echelons of its troop.


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See Also[]

  • Tortorian Buntar - Super Sentai counterpart in Dekaranger. See comparison page. Like Cruger and Birdie, Silverback does not use the costume of his Sentai counterpart. However his counterpart's costume was used for one of the reinforcement soldiers in Endings.
  • Silverback, Goldar's brother of the same name.



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