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Sentai Hero is a line of 6.5 to 7-inch scale Sofubi (vinyl) figures in static standing pose, in all cases (except for the Abare Mode figures). The line allows collectors of the Super Sentai series to collect a standard-looking team that grows annually. In all cases, except for its first incarnation as Gaoranger, one can collect all the core rangers as well as the sixth rangers. Super modes vary in availability as while some series feature all the rangers, many feature an incomplete set of super modes.

The line is well-praised for its design aesthetic, featuring a consistent look all through the years that very closely resembles the sentai/ranger suits.


Sh gaoranger


Gaoranger began the line with only two ranger figures and a villain. Lacking the rest of the ranger figures, it is the least 'collectible' of the line, but is notable for being the pioneer of the cross-line trend.


Hurricaneger Sentai Vinyl Figure


The Hurricaneger line carried all the main rangers and basically stopped there, not including any other costumed characters. To represent the fact all main rangers get a figure, each figure is numbered on the packaging.


Abaranger Sentai Vinyl Figure



The first and the last pre-posed figures came with the Abaranger series.

Abaranger added super modes to the Sentai Hero line. The pre-posed look however, began and ended in this series as well.


Dekaranger Sentai Vinyl Figure


Dekaranger continued the tradition of assigning super modes to choice rangers-this time the male core members. It also went back to featuring sidearms as well as a costumed character, in the form of Doggie Kruger.


Magiranger Sentai Vinyl Figure


Magiranger is notable for being the most complete series there is in a Sentai Hero collection. It features all of the rangers, their, super modes, a costumed character, sidearms and even a special powered red.



The core Boukenger figures

Boukenger returned to the custom of creating all the ranger figures but only giving super modes to male core rangers.


Gekiranger Sentai Vinyl Figure

Gekiranger followed Magiranger's model except for the non-inclusion of Mele. This makes it the second most-complete line, behind Magiranger and Go-Onger.


Go-Onger Sentai Vinyl Figure


Go-Onger, having no costumed allies or super modes is also a complete set. The set includes no removable sidearms, and have them molded onto the side. The figures feature clenched fists. Boxed packaging has been abandoned and now come polybagged with a tag featuring each ranger's emblem.



The sole super mode figure in Shinkenger series SH.

Shinkenger returned to offering sidearms as weapons, but kept the polybags. Also only ShinkenRed was given super mode.




Goseiger also featured Super Modes but only for the male core rangers.


Gokaiger Sentai Vinyl Figure


Gokaiger featured two lines, the Gokaigers themselves and a second 'Legend Sentai Hero' series, which were rereleases, retools or completely new Sentai Hero figures of past sentai, either as red or sixth rangers. ALL figures are polybagged without a accessories or left "hanging".

Gokaiger was the first series to have a figure not come entirely close to show-accurate paint as its GokaiSilver Gold Mode has multiple sixth ranger helmets on his armor left unpainted.

Legend Sentai Hero Series


The hardest hit in terms of a retool was MagiRed who lost his ability to turn his head, and had his cape (and MagiStick) now molded onto his body.

These feature past reds or sixths. The 'legend' in the term does not refer necessarily to specific character appearances in the show, though all these sentai suits have appeared as part of their transformations.

The first five figures, as well as GaoSilver, are mostly retooled from the original versions in order to avoid the use of an accessory/sidearm. The four that came after are entirely new sculpts (also with molded on sidearms). The final three are straight-up rereleases with inferior paint aps (with the exception of the final figure Go-On Red).

All figures come with Dice-O cards on their first released.


Go-Busters Sentai Vinyl Figure

Go-Busters also featured two lines, one for the Go-busters themselves and a second 'Super Sound Buddy Roid (SSBL)', which featured the Buddy Roids, which have varying moulds.

Super Sound Buddy Roid

These feature the Buddy Roids. The 'Super Sound' term refers to the fact each figure in this line has electronics, with a button that activates dialogue sounds.


Kyoryuger Sentai Vinyl Figure


The Kyoryuger figures center only on the main rangers and exclude all the extra rangers.




ToQger featured the return of two lines, the first being the ToQgers themselves, and a second ' Shadow Line Collection', which features villains from the series.

Shadow Line Collection

Features members of the Shadow Line.




Ninninger also featured two lines, the first being the Ninningers themselves, and a second 'OtomoNin Shinobi Collection', featuring the OtomoNin.

OtomoNin Shinobi Collection

Features the OtomoNin. Only one figure was released in this line.




Zyuohger featured Instincts Awakened forms for the male core male rangers in the main line, with the female figures only available in the premium-bandai Instincts Awakaned set.

Sentai Hero Series SP: The Strongest Champion! Zyuohger Instincts Awakened 5 Vinyl-figure Set

This is a special set released by Premium Bandai. This set features the Instincts Awakened forms for all 5 core rangers, with the Zyuoh Shark and Zyuoh Tiger figures being exclusive to this set. Due to the set being a Premium Bandai release, as opposed to a regular line, each figured is fully painted in greater detail with superior paint aps. In addition, the set also features Zyuoh Eagles


Sh kyuranger


Lupinranger VS Patranger


LupinRanger and PatRanger

The numbering was dropped for this season, likely due to there being two main teams.


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