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Sensei Switcheroo is the twenty-third episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm.


Sensei switches bodies with both Shane and Dustin and helps the Rangers defeat the new monster Footzilla.


The episode begins in Storm Chargers. Dustin introduces his dad, Jake, to Hunter, Blake and Cam. His dad says that Dustin told him everything about them (except their Ranger identities.) While seeing Dustin and his dad Jake, Cam decides to try to change Sensei back to normal. In trying to revert back to normal, Sensei accidentally switches bodies with Shane. While skating for Shane in a competition, Sensei, along with Tori and Dustin, is attacked by Kelzacks and trounces them. Marah and Kapri unleash their new monster - Footzilla. As the Red Ranger, Sensei owns him and makes him retreat. Back at Ninja Ops, in trying to switch Shane and Sensei back, they end up switching Sensei and Dustin. Footzilla attacks again and Sensei whoops him again, this time as the Yellow Ranger. Footzilla uses his powers to make the Rangers float. Shane is singled out and is slammed into the ground. Shane breaks free and then frees the others. They all destroy Footzilla with the Thunderstorm Cannon. When Footzilla grows large, the Rangers take him out with the Thunderstorm Megazord. Dustin and Sensei are placed back into their own bodies but Dustin still seems to have a craving for guinea pig food.




  • When Footzilla is grown,  Lothor saay "how long have you been working here? You make 'em big okay. They blow them up and we make 'em big. Happens every time. How could you not get that part." For some reason, after every sentance finished, Wayne Rose decided to add a jumpcut that makes the audio sound bad and this was a bizzare editing choice.

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