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Sensei Switcheroo is the twenty-third episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm.


Sensei switches bodies with both Shane and Dustin and helps the Rangers defeat the new monster Footzilla.


At Storm Changers, Dustin introduces Hunter, Blake, and Cam to his father Jake Brooks. Jake reveals that Dustin told him everything about them, but the latte secretly reassures his friends that he did not tell him everything, as in being Power Rangers. Jake came in to buy new motocross gloves, making Hunter, Blake, and Cam miss the fatherly bond they used to have with their respective dads, with the latter saying that high fiving a guinea pig does not count.

Returning to Ninja Ops, Cam still misses his father’s human presence, and while speaking to him, he wonders if will ever turn back into a human. Sensei believes that the only way to change back is to be under a strong energy source, stronger than even his powers alone, giving Cam an idea after seeing his Samurai Amulet.

Meanwhile, Lothor sees that Marah and Kapri are applying for an internship program and get their MBE, Masters in the Business of Evil. To prove their point, they have hired a monster called Footzilla. Lothor allows this but warns his nieces that if they fail, he will put the two in detention forever.

At Ninja Ops, Cam reveals to Shane and Tori that he adjusted his Samurai Amulet’s energy to see if it could make his father human again, and use it on Sensei. However, as soon as it is activated, the Amulet begins to emit more power than predicted and Shane pulls the main interface cables to stop the process. However, doing so causes Shane and Sensei to switch bodies, much to the shock of Cam and Tori. To make things worse, the force of the pulse shorted Ninja Ops power while Sensei!Shane is upset because he has a skateboard demonstration today. Shane!Sensei says he will do the demo for Sensei!Shane, despite Tori’s doubts that he could emulate Sensei! Shane’s skills, while Cam stays behind to fix the power of Ninja Ops.

At the skate park, Tori’s concerns are realized as Shane!Sensei struggles to skateboard and wipes out, claiming that he is not used to being back as a human due to being a guinea pig for so long. However, Tori reminds Shane!Sensei that he always told her to use her ninja abilities to help with problems, giving him the confidence to try again. Dustin arrives after dropping his dad off at the airport, and Tori lets him know what happened. Back at Ninja Ops, Sensei!Shane practices skating at the cage while Cam gets power back, telling the former that he will reverse the process after the demo.

Meanwhile, Shane!Sensei gets the hang of skateboarding as Marah and Kapri summon the Kelzaks to attack the patrons. The Wind Rangers take on the Kelzaks, Shane!Sensei easily managing thanks to his years of experience as a ninja, but Footzilla appears under Marah and Kapri’s orders. The Wind Rangers morph, but Shane!Sensei decides to take on Footzilla himself, getting the best of the monster easily before letting Dustin and Tori attack. Footzilla retreats as Cam tells the Rangers to come back to Ranger Ops.

At Lothor’s Ship, Lothor says they must do something to up the odds as Shane somehow became stronger overnight. While Marah and Kapri draw a blank on what to do, Lothor says that Footzilla needs a special power like every other monster, suggesting gravity powers. However, Lothor grows frustrated by the fact that he is giving his nieces ideas on how to beat the Rangers when they were responsible for it.

Back at Ninja Ops, Cam begins the process again, this time using a wireless power supply. As the process begins, Dustin accidentally touches the energy field around Shane!Sensei, causing a shocking feedback to happen. While Shane returns to his own body, it is now Dustin and Sensei who have switched bodies. They see Footzilla attacking the shopping mall and Dustin!Sensei tells Cam to contact Hunter and Blake to join them.

The Wind Rangers arrive to confront Footzilla and morph into action. While Shane and Tori get knocked around, Dustin!Sensei once again overpowers Footzilla. While Footzilla fights back, the Thunder Rangers arrive and morph to help their friends, attacking with their Thunder Staffs as a morphed Cam appears. Once all six Rangers arrive, Footzilla reveals that he put gravity bunion pads on them and uses his staff to manipulate their gravity, sending Shane straight into the ground. Before Footzilla can finish Shane off, Dustin!Sensei tosses the Lion Hammer at him, stubbing his toe as Shane uses his ninja powers to break free from the ground. After Shane fires the Hawk Blaster at Footzilla, the pads disappear from the Rangers and they fall to the ground. Afterwards, the Wind and Thunder Rangers form the Thunderstorm Cannon and fire at Footzilla, destroying him.

When Marah and Kapri ask Lothor what to do now, he reminds them that they need to grow Footzilla, and they do so. Under Dustin!Sensei’s orders, Cam summons the Zords as Shane and Hunter use the Mini Zord to form the Thunderstorm Megazord. Footzilla places gravity bunion pads on the Megazord to lift it, but that does not stop the Rangers as they use the Lion Blaster to destroy Footzilla yet again. With their plans ruined, Lothor makes good on his threat and forces Marah and Kapri into detention, having them write “I will not destroy my Uncle Lothor’s Evil Empire” a thousand times on a whiteboard.

Back at Ninja Ops, Cam prepares for the switch one last time as Dustin!Sensei finally realizes how much his son misses having a human father, but Cam reassures his father that no matter what form he takes, he will always be with him. The switch works as Dustin and Sensei return to their normal bodies, with Cam promising his father that he will find a way to restore him to normal. Then, the Rangers see Dustin down some guinea pig food as Shane asks Cam if there will be any side effects he will have to deal with.




  • When Footzilla is grown, Lothor says "how long have you been working here? You make 'em big okay. They blow them up and we make 'em big. Happens every time. How could you not get that part." For some reason, at the end of each sentence, there was a jump cut edited in, which made the audio sound strange.
  • When Rangers destroy Footzilla, Shane is seen with the container, that had their powers from The Samurai’s Journey.
  • Cam returns to the base surprisingly quick.

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