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Senden (センデン Senden) is an Action Commander who appeared in episode 24 of Gokaiger.


He is a multi-headed Action Commander from the Zangyack Agency, whose specialty is propaganda. His attacks are the Publicity Wave (宣伝波 Sedenpa) and the Publicity Punch (宣伝パンチ Senden Panchi). When Jealousto's interaction with humans ruined his plan of attack, Senden is forced to resort to physical measures with a Zangyack bazooka. But the weapon is destroyed as he is defeated by Gokaigers' Final Wave attacks and then destroyed by Shinken GokaiOh and Goujyujin.


  • Height:197 cm (Giant:49,3 m)
  • Weight:163 kg (Giant: 407,5 t)

Behind the scene


concept art


Senden was voiced by Yusaku Yara (屋良 有作 Yara Yūsaku)


  • The orange head of Senden greatly ressemble Wildmutt from the Ben 10 series.
  • His motif is the one of a Odontamblyopus lacepedii.
  • His name is based on the word "Senden" which means "Publicity", "Propaganda"


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