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"Rush Lightning! Kiramai Green!"
―Kiramai Green's Roll Call[src]

"Rush Lightning! Kiramai Mach!"
―Mach's Roll Call while in Sena's body[src]

Sena Hayami (速見 瀬奈 Hayami Sena) is Kiramai Green (キラメイグリーン Kiramei Gurīn), the Green Ranger of the Kiramagers.

Character History

Sena started out playing piano when she was a kid.Episode 24: Let's Start A Band!

She earned the name Supersonic Princess during her first official career as a karuta player in her younger days. Eventually, she pursued her new life to be a full-time track and field athlete, where she became famous as of the present day.


A speed demon and daredevil, Sena often proves very excitable due to her track running and former karuta careers, which also leaves her with a great love of high speeds. She is also hot-headed due to this, but has a bubbly and empathetic nature, and is a soft person on the inside. She is an eager member of the group, and often charges in the battle headstrong, sword in hand, though she does have a squeamish side, often shown to be cowardly against the attacks of Darkness Megabeast Mecha Smog Jouki and Catcher Ligany.

Kiramai Green

Kirama Green

Kiramai Green

"(Rock music) Kiramekouze!"
―Transformation sound[src]





  • Grateful Phoenix

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 26

Behind the Scenes


Sena Hayami is portrayed by Yume Shinjo (新庄 由芽 Shinjō Yume). As Kiramai Green, her suit actor is Ryoko Gomi (五味 涼子 Gomi Ryōko), who previously served as suit actor for Patren 3gou.


The 速 (Haya) of her name means speed, matching her interest and career. Her given name, Sena, is derived from the surname of the late three-time Formula One world champion Ayrton Senna. It also possibly derived from Sena Kobayakawa, a fictional character who is also a high-speed runner.


  • Sena has her surname's phonetic spelling the same as Umika Hayami.
    • Hayami (はや "Speed"+"Sight") means "Chart" but it is because a chart is made for quick sight. So "Hayami" could mean "Fast sighted" or even "Faster than the eye". It makes sense since she's a runner.
    • However, the sense of Haya (はや "Speed") and Haya (はや "Speed") are very similar. It is because of the fact it is one word in Japanese, but in Chinese there is a shade between these words; when kanji were imported to Japan, the Japanese word for "Speed" pronounced Haya was applied as kun'yomi on multiple kanji that have that mean.
      • Sena's is the same as in Kosoku Sentai Turboranger (コウソクセンタイターボレンジャー soku Sentai Tāborenjā), that is a Super Sentai series about speed.
    • Hayami could also be a reference to Raptor 283 because 283 can be read Hayami as a Goroawase, and it means the same thing as Sena's surname.
  • Kiramai Green is the second female core Green Ranger, following Kyuranger's Chameleon Green.
    • She is also the first female green ranger to wear the default shade of forest green. Both Midoninger, the first female green ranger, and Hammie, the first female core green ranger, wore lighter lime green.
    • Sena is also included as the First Female Green Ranger of the Reiwa Era.
SCRTC cameo
  • When running at her track events, Sena is shown wearing SCRTC brand sports track wear. Episode 2 reveals she owns other clothing items from the sporting goods brand such as coats and shoes.
  • Sena is the first Green Ranger since Don Dogoier to have her primary mecha be a car.
    • To an extent, Sena is also the first ranger, in general, to have her primary mecha be a car since Hiromu Sakurada.
      • She is also the first one, in general, to be themed after a car since Sosuke Esumi.
  • Sena's personality is similar to that of Moune from Tensou Sentai Goseiger.
  • As a former karuta player, Sena is heavily inspired by a titular protagonist of Chihayafuru.
  • Sena is the only Kiramager whose Mashin is the opposite gender.
    • This makes her similar to Miu Sutou, who, despite being female, has an Engine partner who is male. 
  • Sena having the ability of speed is similar to her predecessor, Towa.
  • She is the second owner of Mashin Express, the first being Kiramai Red, and the third being Kiramai Silver.
  • Sena is the first core Green Ranger since Makito Ozu in the season pre anniversary.



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