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"Star Change!"
―Transformation call[src]

Seiza Blaster (ーセイザブラスター Seiza Burasutā, lit. Constellation Blaster): The gauntlet-like transformation device which doubles as a shooting weapon. It has 6 modes and is able to utilize the collectible devices, the Kyutama. There is also a purple/dark color variant of the Seiza Blaster used by a brainwashed Naga Ray.

The Seiza Blaster template was also used to create the Black Hole Generator.


"(Kyutama name) Kyutama!"
―Change Kyutama/Skill Kyutama insertion announcement[src]

"Great! Hikari Kyutama! (Taiyou Mode/Tsuki Mode)"
―Hikari Kyutama insertion announcement[src]

"What's up? Saiko Kyutama!"
―Saiko Kyutama insertion announcement[src]

"Seiza Change!"
―Transformation standby announcement[src]

"Super Seiza Change"
―Transformation into Shishi Red Orion standby announcement[src]

To transform, a Kyuranger inserts a Kyutama, making the Changer announce the name of the Kyutama, then pushes it forward, towards the nozzle; then they flip the grip down, shout Star Change (スターチェンジ Sutā chenji), then pull the trigger of the blaster to transform.

Special Attack

"Seiza Attack!"
―Attack standby announcement[src]
To attack, a Kyuranger grips the Kyutama and pulls it backward like a joystick.


"Seiza Go!"
―Summoning standby announcement[src]

"(voyager name) Voyager!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

To summon the Voyagers, the Kyurangers push their Kyutama to their left, then press the red button on the side of the changer's hand grip. Afterwards, they are wrapped around a giant Kyutama that becomes their cockpits.


"Seiza Docking!"
―Combination standby announcement[src]

"Super Seiza Docking!"
―Combination standby announcement for RyuTei KyurenOh[src]

To combine their Voyagers into KyurenOh, each Kyuranger pulls the Kyutama to the right to initiate the docking sequence.

Finishing Strike

―Finisher standby announcement[src]

"Super Galaxy!"
―KyurenOh Finisher standby announcement[src]

To activate a finishing strike, a Kyuranger grips the Kyutama and pulls it backward like a joystick two times.

Each Kyuranger has a different finisher depending on which Kyutama is used:

  • Shishi Red: Regulus Crush (レグルスクラッシュ Regurusu Kurasshu)
  • Sasori Orange: Antares Crush (アンタレスクラッシュ Antaresu Kurasshu)
  • Ookami Blue: Lupus Crush (ルプスクラッシュ Rupusu Kurasshu)
  • Tenbin Gold: Libra Crush (リブラクラッシュ Ribura Kurasshu)
  • Oushi Black: Aldebaran Crush (アルデバランクラッシュ Arudebaran Kurasshu)
  • Hebitsukai Silver:
    • Normal: Ophiuchus Crush (オフューカスクラッシュ Ofyūkasu Kurasshu)
    • Hebitsukai Metal: Metal Ophiuchus Crush (メタルオフューカスクラッシュ Metaru Ofyūkasu Kurasshu)
  • Chameleon Green: Hameleon Crush (ハミリオンクラッシュ Hamirion Kurasshu)
  • Washi Pink: Altair Crush (アルタイルクラッシュ Arutairu Kurasshu)
  • Kajiki Yellow: Dorado Crush (ドラドクラッシュ Dorado Kurasshu)
  • Koguma Skyblue: Polaris Crush (ポラリスクラッシュ Porarisu Kurasshu)

The group finisher is the All-Star Crash (オールスタークラッシュ Ōru Sutā Kurasshu). If all nine Kyurangers fire their All-Star Crash at the same opponent, the attack creates a multicolored blast that slams onto the opponent from above and leaves a star-shaped crater. This finisher has two upgraded versions: Kyuren All-Star Crash (キュウレンオールスタークラッシュ Kyūren Ōru Sutā Kurasshu, Nine Union All-Star Crash) with the first 11 Kyurangers and Ultimate All-Star Crash (アルティメットオールスタークラッシュ Arutimetto Ōru Sutā Kurasshu) with all 12 Kyurangers.

Controller Mode

"Seiza Control!"
―Controller standby announcement[src]

After summoning the Kyuranger's respective Voyager, they then pull the black trigger to control the Voyager from the blaster by shifting the Kyutama in the required direction. This function has yet to be seen in the show, though Lucky was seen utilizing this function once with the Pegasus Kyutama in an attempt to tame Pega-san. Pegasus Shishi Red Chapter


  • The Seiza Blaster resembles the Gabrichanger from Kyoryuger, in that it's a wrist wraparound with a grip.
    • The way the gun handle is positioned when transforming the Kyurangers mimics the way Utsusemimaru was forced improvise his dance after he and Souji had their minds switched with their bodies.
  • The speech of the transformation standby of "Seiza Change" is punctuated so it sounds similar to the English phrase "Say the Change!" (Say Za Chenji!), which more or less is a prompt for the Rangers to say their Transformation Call.
  • The Seiza Blaster has some similarities to past Core Ranger transformation devices: the Gaburivolver from Kyoryuger, the ToQ Changer from ToQger, and the Ninja Ichibantou from Ninninger.
    • Its similarities with the Gaburivolver is that both are transformation devices that also act as firearms and can also be used by an Extra Ranger (even if it's just one).
    • Its similarities with the ToQ Changer is that both are wrist-mounted transformation devices that also allow them to summon the Rangers Mecha.
    • Its similarities with the Ninja Ichibantou is that both are Transformation Devices that also act as the Rangers sidearm and allows them to summon their Mecha and utilize a finishing attack.



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