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Seeing Red is the fifteenth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers. It is the sixth part of the data chip saga and features the final appearances of the Fury Cells and Fury Mode.


The Red Ranger gets amazing new powers, but they have unexpected side effects.


Devon is out for a jog when a bank robber goes by. Devon decides to show off and chase after him using his cheetah DNA and Fury Mode. He catches the robber, but the cops tell him to stick to fighting Robotrons, while they do their job in catching criminals.  Roxy attacks the city with Burnertron, and the Rangers show up. Devon’s Fury Cell that powers his Fury Mode is apparently running low, so Devon manages to steal another one from Roxy. Devon decides to show off and take out Roxy and Burnertron all on his own. The other Rangers become peeved that Devon is showing off so much since getting Fury Mode.

In the cyber dimension, Scrozzle reveals that he’s OK with Devon stealing another Fury Cell – because anyone who uses the Fury Cell slowly turns evil. In the meantime, Evox tasks Roxy with getting cheetah DNA – the last of the three DNA’s they need to obtain.

At the Riptide Gym, Devon randomly challenges two other gym members to a fight. This causes the other Rangers to notice that Devon has been acting weird and showing off a lot lately.

Nate does some studies to learn that the Fury Cells are turning Devon evil, and he needs to relinquish Fury Mode. But Devon becomes angry, doesn’t believe Nate, and says he can do it all by himself anyway.

Burnertron attacks again, and the other four Rangers come to fight. Devon shows up not to help his friends, but to get Roxy’s last Fury Cell. But Ravi gets it, and Devon fights him.

Ravi eventually overheats and is about to lose the fight, but Devon comes to his senses of what he’s doing. He turns good again and destroys the final Fury Cell.

Devon apologizes to the group, and they team up to defeat Burnertron. Then Nate and Steel defeat the Gigadrone.

In the cyber dimension, Roxy reveals that although all the Fury Cells are now destroyed, she was able to capture the cheetah DNA. Scrozzle now has all three, and Roxy will be rewarded with an upgrade. But Blaze steps in to argue that he deserves the upgrade. Scrozzle says it will be Evox’s decision.

At Riptide Gym, Devon apologizes to the group for his behavior. They all celebrate as it’s General Burke’s birthday, but it turns into a food fight thanks to Ben and Betty.



  • When Devon came to help the other Rangers, his cheetah DNA stopped a bit further away from Ravi and Zoey, but was shown to have to stopped in front of them in the close up shot.
  • The Striker Morphers appeared to be handguns when Nate and Steel use them alongside Ravi and Zoey's Beast-X Blasters in order to finish the army of Tronics.


  • This episode has the shortest on-screen appearance of General Burke in any episode that he appears in so far, as he only arrives at the end of the episode for his surprise party.
  • The Fury Cells have the same effect as the Dark Energem since they can turn anyone evil.

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