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Secret Struggle is the eighth episode of Beast Morphers Season 2 and the thirty-first episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, featuring the debut of Beast-X Spin Saber and the Rangers learning the truth regarding Evox and Mayor Daniels.


Steel learns that Nate and Zoey have feelings for each other and tries to bring them together, despite the strict Grid Battleforce rules that forbid relationships between Power Rangers.


Late in the night, Nate finishes building the Beast-X King Spin Saber, but Betty’s attempt to use it goes out of control as the momentum lifts her into the air like a helicopter. Ben tries to keep her down to the ground, only get lifted himself until they crash down. Afterwards, Steel comes in to ask Nate for help stabilizing the Jet Zord’s Scarab Mode, but the latter wants to do it tomorrow as he is tired. Then, Zoey comes in with the diagnostic files of the Chopper Zord’s rotors, but despite telling Steel that he was tired, Nate decides to help Zoey out by looking at her Zord. Steel is confused by this, only to realize that Nate likes Zoey in a special way, only for her to stammer and try to run off. However, Zoey uncovers an issue of Glitz Magazine, and is forced to admit to Steel that she and Nate have feelings for each other. However, because of the rule against Rangers dating each other, Zoey and Nate have been unable to go forward with their relationship. Steel calls it a silly rule, but Zoey and Nate are unwilling to break it.

The next day, a morphed Robo-Roxy meets with Evox and hands him a canister of Morph-X, using it to power himself in order to use his Mayor Daniels persona. Just after Evox transforms, Zoey comes by and sees the two, only or Evox-Daniels to claim that Robo-Roxy is trying to kidnap him. Zoey morphs and fights against Robo-Roxy, but struggles until she enters Beast-X Mode. Handling herself a little better, Zoey pushes Robo-Roxy back with a Jackrabbit Spin Strike, forcing the Robo-General to teleport for repairs. In order to keep up the charade, Evox-Daniels thanks Zoey for protecting him.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Zoey brings Evox-Daniels to the lab and informs the others about the supposed kidnap attempt. Nate implants Evox-Daniels with a micro chip tracker so they could find him on the off chance Evox captures him, but Devon gets concerned when his father snaps at Nate for implanting the chip into his hand. In addition, Commander Shaw plans to have two of the Rangers act as Evox-Daniels’ bodyguards, and Steel volunteers Zoey and Nate. Evox-Daniels reluctantly agrees, but tells the two to keep their distance as he has a meeting with the Canadian Ambassador. Afterwards, Evox-Daniels leaves the room for a bit, calling Scrozzle about what’s going on. Realizing that he cannot return to the Crystal Dimension with the tracker in his hand, Evox-Daniels orders them to find him more Morph-X or else he will risk transforming in front of the Rangers. Scrozzle tells the Robo-Generals that they only have a few hours before Evox’s disguise wears off, leaving the two to think of a plan fast.

Later that day, Zoey and Nate prep for their stakeout mission, only for Ben, Betty, and Steel to arrive and hand them brand new clothing capsules. The capsules contain formal wear for the two Rangers, but the two stammer that they need to blend in with the crowd, not stand out. Steel tries to push the two into a date, revealing what Zoey told him last night, but Nate and Zoey told him that they are not going on a date. At the lunch location, Nate gives Zoey some ramen for a meal, while mentioning how nice it is to hang out with her. Unknown to them, Steel followed them and knocks Nate’s dish off the bench, forcing the two to share Zoey’s dish. The two nearly share a kiss from a noodle, only for Nate to accidentally spill ramen on Zoey, and they notice that Evox-Daniels took off when they were distracted. They find Evox-Daniels about to be approached by the Robo-Generals with a Morph-X canister, and the pair are forced to retreat.

Evox-Daniels keeps the act up by berating the two Rangers for not keeping a close eye on him, and Commander Shaw reveals that she saw the near kiss thanks to surveillance cameras. Devon and Ravi are shocked that Nate and Zoey are dating, and the two are forced to admit to their feelings for each other in front of Shaw. While Shaw chews the two out for breaking the rules, Steel admits that he is at fault for pushing Nate’s ramen bowl in order to bring the two closer, but argues that the two’s happiness should not be compromised based on a rule. Ravi agrees with Steel as the no dating rule made him and Roxy miserable, but Evox-Daniels argues that rules are made to be followed before leaving. Shaw replaces Nate for Ravi as Daniels’ bodyguard, and sternly tells Zoey and Nate that they will finish their discussion later.

Driving Evox-Daniels to his meeting, Ravi and Zoey leave the former in the SUV to check out the area. Once they leave, Evox-Daniels calls his Robo-Generals and demand they ambush the Rangers as he needs Morph-X, before coughing from the lack of energy. As Zoey and Ravi take Evox-Daniels to his meeting, Robo-Roxy takes a girl’s tiara and uses it to create Tiaratron, ordering her to attack the Rangers while they give Evox his Morph-X. Tiaratron attacks Ravi and Zoey, forcing the two Rangers to protect Evox-Daniels as they morph. Zoey calls for back up as Ravi fights against Tiaratron, but Commander Shaw reveals that a Gigadrone is approaching as well. While Devon is sent to fight the Gigadrone, Nate and Steel are sent to help Ravi and Zoey.

A morphed Nate and Steel arrive just in time to help Ravi as he is nearly overheating from the fight, and the latter sits out for a bit to cool down. However, Tiaratron proves to be a challenge for the two Rangers, but thankfully, Ravi cools down enough to reenter the fight. As the fight continues, the Robo-Generals morph and try to get Evox-Daniels his Morph-X, but Zoey intervenes and summons the Beast-X King Spin Saber for assistance. Meanwhile, Ravi enters Beast-X mode and destroys Tiaratron with a Gorilla Slam. As for Zoey, the new weapon is not enough as she is pushed back by Robo-Roxy, and demorphs in the process. Before Robo-Roxy finishes Zoey off, Nate arrives and protects her with his body, causing him to demorph in the process. However, Zoey tosses the Beast-X King Spin Saber at the Robo-Generals to initiate its Tornado Takedown, destroying them before they had the chance to deliver the Morph-X to Evox-Daniels. After the fight, Zoey brings Nate to his feet and hugs him as thanks for protecting her.

Meanwhile, Devon in the Racer Zord Battle Mode rides on the Beast-X King Zord Vehicle Mode to deal with Tiaradrone and its small tiara jet crafts. Fortunately, Devon destroys the jet crafts before destroying Tiaradrone with a King Combo Strike.

Evox's secret is revealed.

Returning back to Grid Battleforce, Nate and Zoey tell Commander Shaw that they are not going to date if it means breaking the team, but Shaw, after seeing the two’s teamwork, realized that they are a great team regardless of their relationship. So, Shaw decides to remove the no dating rule, making Steel happy that his brother can date Zoey. Before the new couple could make plans for a date, Evox-Daniels, who has been coughing violently due to the lack of Morph-X, leaves the building. Everybody follows Evox-Daniels out of concern, only for the former to forcibly change back to his original form. Evox taunts to Devon that the real Mayor Daniels is gone, and that the Morphin Grid will be his. As Evox teleports away, Devon is crestfallen that Evox has infected his dad.



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  • Steel acts as the voice of the audience about the Grid Battleforce not allowing Rangers to date each other; he points out that its ridiculous.
  • The Rangers find out Evox’s identity as Mayor Daniels.
  • This is the first appearance of Roxy in Sentai footage.
    • All previous footage used of her was U.S. created since her Sentai Counterpart only spent a handful of episodes in her morphed form in Go-Busters and she mainly stayed in her human form.
  • Zoey's solo morph sequence is shown.
    • Zoey is the first female Ranger since Emma Goodall to have a solo morph sequence.
    • Additionally Zoey is the first Yellow Ranger since Summer Landsdown to have a solo morph sequence.
  • Beast-morphers-glitz-magazine-01.jpg
    Glitz Magazine is seen for the first time in twenty years. It was last featured prominently in the Lightspeed Rescue episode In the Limelight.
  • The real Roxy was mentioned by Ravi in this episode.
  • Devon only appears morphed in the Megazord fight.

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