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Secret Santa is the twenty-second episode and Christmas special of Power Rangers Dino Fury. This episode serves as the epilogue of season 1.[1]


While the Rangers fight to get Santa's magic sketchbook back from the villains, Javi and Solon are caught in a trap. Can they save Pine Ridge and Christmas?


In Pine Ridge City Plaza during the Christmas season, Javi entertains the crowd of people by singing Jingle Bells. While he was singing, a mysterious guy puts a Christmas star in his keyboard case, which he noticed but pay no mind to it. After he finished the carol, Izzy approaches him. She immediately noticed that Javi still hasn't found a replacement for his missing key on the keyboard, to which he answered that he already tried looking it up everywhere with no luck. Izzy then asks Javi if he already got his Secret Santa gift yet. Javi sheepishly admits that he has not actually got one, causing Izzy to remind him that they'll be exchanging presents in Dinohenge within an hour. Javi assures Izzy that he will get his gift before the latter left. However, they failed to notice Mucus and Slyther, who had somehow escape Dark Dimension, are overhearing the siblings' conversation. This information made their plan goes much smoothly, with the robotic general saying they'll pay for destroying Void Knight. Javi then meets up with Santa Claus, wishing Merry Christmas to each other. The older Garcia sibling asks Santa about what could be a perfect gift to get, but Santa is not sure since he himself is still learning about it. Javi then questions what was Santa's greatest gift, to which he answered his gloves that Mrs. Claus made for him. Javi thinks it's a great gift and he can still get it now. Santa then offers to save Javi some trouble by showing him a magical sketchbook that can create any gift with simple drawings and a bit of magic, but the latter declined since he already figured out what present he will get. Javi and Santa then bid farewell to each other, but Slyther and Mucus seek to get the sketchbook.

In Dinohenge, Zayto, Ollie, Izzy and Aiyon are just finished decorating the Christmas tree when Javi teleports down into the base. He complimented the decoration on the tree and completes it with the Christmas star he got from his performance in the plaza. Amelia then teleports down as she reveals the holiday cards from Ranger fans that BuzzBlast received. Zayto thanks Amelia for it. Aiyon then asks about Solon, while Izzy asks Javi if he already got his gift. Javi reveals that he brought a pair of gloves, but Ollie points out that Solon has claws, not hands. Realizing this fact, Javi knows that he sucked at picking gifts and Santa is the expert. Aiyon is confused on who is Santa, to which Ollie tells him that he is the one who brought gifts on Christmas. Now understanding about Santa, Aiyon reveals that he thought they are going to be secret sander, so he bought a power sander as a gift. This garnered chuckles from the other Rangers. Javi wonders what gift would he get since Solon deserves a nice gift. The others offered to help him get his gift, so they teleported out to buy present while Javi stalls Solon. Just then, Solon appears and asks where are the others. Javi told her that they go to buy gingerbread. He then offers the dinosaur to sing some carols. Solon says that Javi's musicality is impressive, but she declines his offer, stating that she gets nervous to remember the lyrics and get into Christmas spirit. She then noticed the holiday cards, to which Javi tells her it's from Ranger fans. The older Garcia sibling took a card and opened it, but it suddenly sends a shockwave which disables the entire system of the base. From the card, a hologram of Mucus appears, much to Javi and Solon's shock. The mushroom then tells both of them that she and Slyther had put a time bomb in the Rangers' base and use the card to disable the comms and teleporters, trapping them in the base. The card immediately starts a 10 minute countdown, causing Javi and Solon to panic. Both of them thought that Mucus and Slyther were gone after they dealt with Void Knight as they go to check the computer, but they discovered that it was disabled too. Knowing that Mucus slips in the bomb as a gift, Javi and Solon decided to check the Secret Santa gifts to see if they are rigged with bombs. Javi then opens the gift for Izzy, revealed to be a pack of electronics kit, which made him remember the events of Crossed Wires and realized it's from Ollie. Both then move to the gift for Ollie, which is a white poncho shaped like a ghost. Solon then told Javi about the events of Destination Dinohenge, which was where the poncho originated. With two gifts ruled out as safe, they only got four gifts left to check.

Meanwhile, the other five Rangers are busy choosing a gift for Solon, but Zayto suddenly received a call from Santa, who tells them that his magical sketchbook was stolen. Amelia realized that a monster must've stolen it. Santa then told them to destroy it should they ever got it back. Just as the Rangers begin to search around, they see Slyther and Mucus, which shock them as both are last seen trapped within the vortex. Equally shocked, Slyther asked how the Rangers managed to got out. Mucus then lets slip of a time bomb in their base, alerting Zayto that Javi and Solon are trapped with it. He tries to call Javi, but finds that they lost communication with him. Deciding to take care of the Rangers, Slyther tells Mucus to prepare the sketchbook. Ollie then says that they've found the thieves as Slyther draws a spider that grows giant. The Rangers morphed and Zayto overrides the Zord deployment to summon the T-Rex Champion Zord, Dimetro Blazing Zord and Mosa Razor Zord, forming the Fusion Ultrazord to battle the monster.

With less than 6 minutes before the bomb explodes, Solon then gives Javi a present to open. It is revealed to be a homemade ice cream for Aiyon, which made Javi remembered events of Our Hero. The ice cream is Flargon-flavored, which clues Solon that the sender is Zayto. They moved to the present for Zayto, which is revealed to be a hand-stitched punching bag and a gym shirt saying "Izzy's Gym". This made Javi remember the events of Super Hotshot, with Solon noting that Izzy had become a great trainer herself. There's only one present left, which is revealed to be a missing key for Javi's keyboard custom made by Solon. Javi then fits it on his keyboard and thanked Solon for it. However, they still got a bomb to be found. Javi deduced that the bomb can't be from Aiyon's gift. Solon says that nothing suspicious had come into the base, which makes Javi realize that the Christmas star he got earlier is a gift and the man who put it must be a disguised Slyther. Now that they have discovered the bomb, Javi asks Solon how to get rid of it. With 30 seconds to spare, the dinosaur immediately thought of an idea and tells Javi to put the bomb in the chest that contains the Sporix, hoping it could contain the explosion. The older Garcia sibling then put both the star and the card inside the chest as they braced themselves for the worst outcome. Fortunately, the explosion from the bomb was contained by the chest and the systems came back online. Javi then calls the other Rangers, who are glad to hear that he is okay. The Rangers managed to defeat the spider monster with Fusion Ultra Strike.

Slyther, seeing that his plan fails, tries to draw another monster. But before he can do that, the Rangers (including Javi) teleported down, shocking Slyther. The robot summons the Hengemen and the Rangers proceed to battle them with Boost Keys and Battle Armors. They easily defeated the entire platoon of Hengemen. Zayto then demands Slyther to hand over the sketchbook, but the robotic general decided to draw another monster: a giant version of himself. The Rangers then summoned the Zords again, this time forming Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation and Mosa Razor Zord Battle Mode. The Megazords then take on giant Slyther, destroying the sketchbook in the process, as well as giant Slyther with Dino Mega Slash. A dejected Slyther mopes his failure, with Mucus comforting him.

Back in Dinohenge, Javi apologized to Santa for the destruction of his magical sketchbook. But Santa assures that it's fine and he preferred to make presents in traditional way before thanking the Rangers, who stated that they're happy to help. Javi then told the others to open the presents. As they exchanged gifts, Amelia presented Ollie with her gift: his white poncho that he wore when they first met each other. He thanked Amelia for the gift. Santa then asks Javi about his gift, to which the latter states that copying Santa's idea was a bust. However, after what happened today, Javi has finally figured out the secret of gifts: that the greatest ones come from the heart and he finally knows what gift he need to give. He then gets his book of carol songs and present it to Solon as his gift, saying to the dinosaur that it helped him get into Christmas spirit. Solon then asks Javi to sing the carols together, which has the other Rangers and Santa joining in for the fun.


Dino Fury Keys


  • Javi's missing key for his keyboard is a G. However, when he plays it, its sounds like an F# note.
  • A woman calls out "Happy Hannukah!" when she walks by. In 2021, Hannukah began the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so her greeting is out of place on Christmas Eve.


  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 10
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 11
  • Mucus and Slyther managed to escape the Dark Dimension off-screen after being trapped in the previous episode by Reaghoul and are aware of Void Knight’s assumed destruction.
  • This is the first episode where the Mega Fury Saber was used more than once.
  • The Rangers possess eleven Sporix in this episode, having captured offscreen an unnamed Sporix Beast at the end of the previous episode.
  • This is the first episode since Scrozzle's Revenge, to have a Christmas special serve as the epilogue.
  • This is the final episode to air not only on Nickelodeon, but on American television overall as well, which had started with "Day of the Dumpster", the very first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Starting next season in 2022, the Power Rangers franchise will air all new content exclusively on Netflix.

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