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Dai Goyou Weapon

DaiGoyou Chochin and Jitte Mode

Secret Lantern DaiGoyou (秘伝提灯ダイゴヨウ Hiden Chōchin Daigoyō) is a support robot created by Genta. He was created after an Ayakashi switched Genta's soul into a piece of sushi that was about to be eaten by a cat; although he was saved before the cat ate it, Genta became fearful of sushi, preventing him from even using his Sushi Changer due to its shape. To make a means to fight without him, he infused his Electronic Mojikara with a lantern in his sushi cart that would be able to fight for him when needed, but with his phobia cured he became able to transform again yet decided to still use his new weapon to assist the Shinkenger. DaiGoyou refers to his creator as "Boss" (親分 oyabun).

He is normally in the splintered form of the Secret Disc shooting Paper Lantern Mode (提灯モード Chōchin Mōdo) and the Jitte Mode (十手モード Jitte Mōdo) baton which ShinkenGold uses as a weapon. He forms into his giant robot mode, having undergone the DaiGoyou Big Transformation (ダイゴヨウ大変化 Daigoyō Daihenge). Assuming his giant robot mode, DaiGoyou can swap limbs with both ShinkenOh and DaiKaiOh, though the latter was never shown in the series. His techniques include the DaiGoyou Big Flash (ダイゴヨウ大閃光 Daigoyō Daisenkō) and the DaiGoyou Big Spin (ダイゴヨウ大回転 Daigoyō Daikaiten). His finishing attack is the Secret Disk Turbulence Shot (秘伝ディスク乱れ撃ち Hiden Disuku Midareuchi), firing a huge array of disks from his body which float in the air above him then shred through the opponent. Act 28: The Lantern Samurai

Shinken DaiGoyou

Combining the Ryu, Kuma, Saru, and Kame Origami with DaiGoyou result in a Big Transformation initiated by a Shinkenger writing the kanji for "big", DaiGoyou becomes Shinken DaiGoyou (シンケンダイゴヨウ Shinken Daigoyō) using the Jitte Mode as a weapon. Shinken DaiGoyou's final attack is the Jitte Straight (十手一直線 Jitte Itchokusen).

The combination itself came about by accident: DaiGoyou became so excited into entering the battle that it knocked Takeru's Shishi Origami out of the way during the beginning of the ShinkenOh transformation, fusing with the other four Origami into this combination. Act 30: The Manipulated Academy

Appearances: Shinkenger Episodes 30, 38

Super Sentai Versus Series Theater

Daigoyou makes an appearance in the Goseiger hosted Super Sentai Versus Series Theater to advertise The Return of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Special Act.



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