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The Secret Analyzer Inromaru (秘伝解析器インロウマル Hiden Kaisekiki Inrōmaru) is a transformation device that allows the Shinkenger to assume a Super Shinkenger form.


The device was originally incomplete and kept at the Tengen Temple until the Shinkengers acquired it in response to the Gedoushu getting stronger during the summer, with Genta completing it using his mojikara and the teams' Hiden Disc powers. The intention was for the combination of the main nine Origami of the Shinkenger arsenal, but Genta also added in the power of his newly-created Ebi Origami to allow for a ten-Origami combination. After being completed by Genta, the box evolved and the kanji for "truth" ( Shin) appeared below the Shiba Clan symbol.


Being as there is only one Inromaru, only one Shinkenger may use it at a time, similar to the Accel Tector from GoGo Sentai Boukenger. It also can combine with their Secret Playback Katana Shinkenmaru, to form the Super Shinkenmaru, allowing an advanced elemental attack.

The Inromaru is different from the Shinkenmaru in that it scans the Secret Disks directly, rather than when they are spun. However, to activate any other Disc besides the Super Disc, the Inromaru must be combined with a Shinkenmaru, the Super Disc placed on the spinning hilt and spun as any other disc. This will activate any disc inserted into the Inromaru; most common is either the primary Origami Disc of its current wielder, or the Shin Samurai Gattai Disc.

SSS-Super Shinkenmaru

Super Shinkenmaru

  • Red - True Flaming Dance (真火炎之舞 Shin Kaen no Mai)
  • Blue - True Current Dance (真水流之舞 Shin Suiryū no Mai)
  • Pink - True Sky Dance (真天空之舞 Shin Tenkū no Mai)
  • Green - True Winter Wind Dance (真木枯之舞 Shin Kogarashi no Mai)
  • Yellow - True Dust Cloud's Dance (真土煙之舞 Shin Tsuchikemuri no Mai), True Monkey Spin (真猿回し Shin Saru Mawashi)

Super Shinkenger

A power-up achieved by the core 5 using the Inromaru. The only additional armor is a flowing white longcoat, though it does afford the user increased power levels. As there is only one Inromaru in their arsenal, only one of the Shinkengers could use it except for Genta, as his Sakanamaru is unable to allow the Inromaru to be attached. The coat resembles the Kanji for 'truth' .

While all five of the core Shinkengers and the female Shinken red could obtain Super form, it was usually the male Shinken Red who wields the Inromaru.

During the course of the Goseigers vs. Shinkenger movie, the Goseigers used Super Change Cards to transform all but Shinken Red (who was in Hyper Form) into Super Shinkengers, including Genta.

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