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Second Chance was the fifty-fifth episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1.


Jason and Zack offer to help a young friend make Ernie's soccer team. But, Rita has games of her own to play and sends down the Socadillo to roll over the Rangers.


Ernie is standing at the counter, surrounded by young boys crowding around him.  Jason and Zack are sitting at a table close by, amused they watch Ernie with the kids.  Ernie tells the kids, no one looks until I'm ready.  Ernie holds a sheet of paper up in the air and makes his way to the bulletin board, closely followed by the kids.  When he reaches the bulletin board, Ernie announces he's ready and pins the paper up.  Ernie continues, the junior soccer team tryouts results.  Jason greets Ernie and he stops at their table.  All the boys, except one, excitedly leave the bulletin board and head out.  Jason asks Ernie, who's that?  He looks kind of bummed out.  Zack adds, he sure does.  Ernie glances over and answers, that's Roger and I know just how he feels.  Ernie tells the guys, I hate choosing teams.  Roger slowly walks over to Ernie.  He tells Ernie, I love soccer, but I guess I'm not any good at it.  Ernie tells him, I'm really sorry about all this.  Everyone tried so hard.  Jason asks Ernie, why don't you give the kids a second chance?  Ernie replies, if it was up to me, I'll give everybody who didn't make the team a second chance.  The kids deserve it.  Zack points out, isn't it up to you?  Ernie realizes it is.  He announces, that's it then!  We're going to have a second tryout!  Roger is very excited and is confident that this time, I'm going to make it.

Goldar, Baboo, Squatt, and Finster are with Rita as they watch the Youth Center.  Goldar states, if the Rangers want to have help that brat play ball, we can supply the equipment.  Rita excitedly agrees.  Bring me a ball that will kick around the Rangers!  Finster tells her, I have just the thing my queen.  The Soccadillo ball.  Rita asks, will it destroy the Power Rangers?  Finster is confident that it will once it is fully energized.  Goldar instructs Finster to continue charging it.  We'll send it down as soon as it's ready.  Rita adds, and then we'll have something to clobber those Rangers.  Rita laughs.

Laughing, Bulk and Skull are walking down the hall of Angel Grove High School, towards their lockers.  Tommy's locker is close by them and he glances over at them before walking over to his friends.  Tommy greets Jason.  I heard you and Zack got Ernie to give Roger another tryout on the junior soccer team.  Jason replies, Ernie is great.  He is giving all the runner ups a second chance. Trini is excited.  Wow!  Do you think Roger will make it this time?  Zack answers, training with the Jaseman and me.  He'll ace it. Zack has a soccer ball and he walks a little a ways from his friends as he bounces the ball on his knees.  He has no idea Bulk and Skull are behind him until Bulk grabs the ball.  Bulk asks Zack, don't you think someone who knows soccer aught to train the kid?  Billy asks, and that would be?  Bulk replies, obviously you have never seen me on the practice field.  Laughing, Kimberly responds,  I don't think anyone has. Bulk gets offended at the remark and states, that's because I don't need practice.  Zack tries to take the ball, but Bulk refuses to let go.  Bulk gets ready to give a demonstration of his skills.  Jason warns his friends to be careful.  Trini warns Bulk, you shouldn't be doing this in the hallway.  Miss Appleby walks around the corner just as Bulk kicks the soccer ball.  Tommy, Jason, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Zack all duck out of the way.  The ball flies past Miss Appleby, startling her, and causing her to drop her papers.  The ball hits a wall, knocks down an award and then heads straight down the hall again.  Tommy leaps out of the way, slamming his hand and communicator against the wall.  Jason, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Zack back up against the lockers.  The ball hits Bulk in the chest and then bounces into Zack's hands.  Bulk slides to the floor as Zack tells him, someone could have gotten hurt. They then help Miss Appleby pick up the papers and she gives Bulk and Skull detention after school. They all head to first period, but Tommy's communicator goes off, he believes Zordon contacted him, but Zordon then tells Tommy he contacted him. Tommy decides take his communicator to Billy when he gets a chance.

On the Moon Palace, Rita has Finister tell her about the Soccadillo, he explains to her the longer the Soccadillo absorbs energy the more power it gains. In Miss Appleby's class, Tommy's communicator keeps going off, and Miss Appleby, thinking it's a pager, has him give to her and she puts it her desk. After school Jason and Zack try to help Roger improve but he is having trouble. Rita watching decides to send the monster, but Goldar suggests they send down Putties to wear them down, as the Soccadillo is not fully charged yet, and Rita agrees. As Roger feels he is not any good, Jason explains he needs to be patient, as just the Putties come to attack. Jason and Zack fight the Putties and the Soccadillo in ball form, as Roger gets back. At the Youth Center, Alpha contacts Kimberly, Billy, and Trini, so they can help Jason and Zack, and has teleported to a spot hidden from view. They arrive at the area, then Billy and Kimberly join the fight while Trini stays with Roger. After the Soccadillo and the Putties retreat from the fight, the Rangers head to the Command Center, where Zordon explains to about the Soccadillo, which changed form, and how Rita is feeding more energy to become more powerful, as well as it become invincible in less than hour. Alpha then explains to the Rangers about how he has failing to contact Tommy and Zordon tells them they can't defeat the Soccadillo without him.

While Bulk and Skull are having a sumo thumb wrestling match in detention, Tommy enters the room and they tell him Miss Appleby won't give him back his communicator. Tommy then tries to steal his communicator from Miss Appleby's desk, but she enters the room and stops him, then Tommy politely asks her to return his communicator to him and she does. Alpha then contacts Tommy, and he morphs and joins the fight turning the tables on the Soccadillo. Rita then makes the monster grow and the Rangers summon their zords to fight the Soccadillo. Although the Soccadillo gains the upper hand the fight, the Rangers are able to destroy by having the Megazord use the Power Sword, much to Rita's anger as she blames her minions.

After the Rangers missed the second tryouts, but they arrive just in time to the sheet be posted. Roger then tells them he made the team as Ernie make up a second team as the kids did so well. Then Bulk and Skull arrive and tell Roger he didn't need to practice, but Roger tells he did as he wouldn't have made team captain if he didn't. Bulk still thinks you don't have to practice to be good at something, as he tries having Skull throw a soccer-ball, but having a sticky substance on his hands the soccer-ball comes back and bounces of the both of them and they end up covered milkshakes. Then everyone laughs as the episode ends.




  • During the Megazord formation, as the Megazord stood up, the horns on its head were already extended, but then a close up showed the horns swinging into position again as the computer reported “Megazord Activated!”.
  • From, right to left, The shot of the core Rangers arming themselves with their blade blasters in sword mode is Kimberly, Billy, Jason, Trini & Zack. The one of them rushing towards Socadillo is mirror flipped.
  • Even though the monster is finished off with the Mega Power Sword, the Shot shows a superimposed explosion, indicating that it was to be destroyed by the Ultrazord.
  • When Jason calls for the Power Sword, the "now" is said in Zack's voice.


  • Final appearance of the Blade Blaster Tower Formation.
  • Soccadillo's destruction shows that he was originally intended to be destroyed by the Ultrazord instead of the Megazord Power Sword.
  • The Rangers "log on" to their Zords in an atypical order: Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Zack.
  • The Megazord fight was used in a PC game Power Rangers Zeo PowerActive Words.
  • Neither Squatt nor Baboo had any lines in this episode.


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