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"Brave Blue Dino/Brave Kyoryu Blue!"
―Brave Blue Dino/Brave Kyoryu Blue's role call[src]

Sechang Kim is Brave Blue Dino/Kyoryu Blue, the Blue Ranger of the Brave Dino Force Rangers. He is a member of the idol group Super Boys (スーパーボーイズ Sūpā Bōizu) who gains the ability to become Brave Blue Dino/Kyoryu Blue (ブレイブキョウリュウブルー Bureibu Kyōryū Burū). A befitting idol, he retains his elegance during the fight.

Character History

Faced with the appearance of the Neo Deboth Army, Sechang and Hyeonjun Jeon put aside their bickering to fight the monsters. Their strength and bravery was recognized by Juyong Kwon, who gave them the GabuGaburivolver and Dino Cell; partnered with Forkcera, Sechang became Brave Blue Dino. Together, the three Rangers formed Brave TyrannoKing for the first time, with which they defeated the Hyaku Bojinma. King 1: The Birth of a New King!

Defending Candelilla and Luckyuro from Arash, the Brave Dino Force Rangers were joined by Pureun Lee/Brave Green Dino and Dohee Yun/Brave Pink Dino; Sechang and Hyeonjun were entrusted by Torin to train the newcomers. King 2: Come on, New Warriors!

As Juyong and Juhyeok returned to Earth on Pteravolt with the behemoth Deizarus in pursuit, Sechang joined with the others in Brave TyrannoKing to back them up in a final battle, providing the full force of his Brave with the team to destroy Deizarus. With the Neo Deboth Army vanquished, Sechang returned his jacket as the team went their seperate ways, returning to entertain his fans. King 12: Eternal! Power Rangers Dino Force Brave


Brave Blue Dino/Brave Kyoryu Blue

Brave Blue Dino/Brave Kyoryu Blue

"GabuGaburincho: Forkcera!"
―Transformation announcement via GabuGaburivolver[src]



Behind the scenes


Sechang Kim is played by Oh Sehyeon . In the Japanese dub, he is portrayed by Yasunao Sakai who also voiced Megatsuyoindaver and Mamoritsuyoindaver in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.


  • Due to Dino Force Brave's swapping of Kyoryuger's dinosaur motifs, Blue is now attached again to the Triceratops as was TriceraRanger and AbareBlue, and in 2 years will be joined by RyusoulBlue.


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