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Sealing Bōma (フーインボーマ Fūin Bōma) is a dragon-themed Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Neo-Lagorn.

Character History

Sealing Boma is an extremely powerful Boma Beast, sealed away in a specific point in the ground that Neo-Lagorn has to find and release on his own in order to use him to release the Great Seal, the ultimate Boma Seal (actually protected by a mass of fairy magic where Dr. Dazai built his Turbobuilder) which keeps down the "108 Boma Beast Pack", where all known Boma Beasts exist ready to rampage and destroy the world. Using a key crystal ball given by Neo-Lagorn to him, Sealing Boma works to try and undo the Great Seal as the Turboranger try to deal both with him and the now-rebellious Yamimaru. Riki tries to stop the ceremony, kicking the crystal ball away from Sealing Boma before the Turboranger stop him and destroy him with the V-Turbo Bazooka. After Zulten grows him, he speaks in roars and gives Turbo Rugger a tough time in combat until Dragras, still allied with the Wandering Boma and wanting to help Yamimaru, sacrifices its life in order to destroy Lagorn's greatest ally; only with its death, its key staff ultimately sinks beneath the ground beginning the final opening of the Great Seal.


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Sealing Boma has a massive magical ability, having the greatest ability in both creating and undoing seals set up by the Boma; he also has a large key staff as a weapon.

Behind the Scenes


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