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Seala is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

An aquatic Space Beast with the ability to swim and survive underwater and with a snout which can emit an encompassing sonic blast. Seala was used as the transport of eggs of the Pirani fish of the planet Gabura, which the main Gozma forces hatch with his assistance and use to cause havoc and destruction on Earth. While searching for the missing teacher of a group of students, Oozora discovers the Pirani plant, run by Seala as well as by Giluke himself, reduced to taking part in combat due to an ultimatum by Bazoo. After destroying the Pirani factory with the Pegasus-Zooka, Seala takes on the entire Changeman in combat, seeming to harm them by throwing them in the water but getting blasted by Change Mermaid's Mermaid Big Wave; then when attempting to hide underwater, he is destroyed by the Power Bazooka. Seala continues to cause problems after Gyodai rebuilds him until Change Robo uses the Super Whirlwind Slash of the Dengeki-Ken to remove his snout, then completely destroy him with Super Thunderbolt.Ep. 20: Grand Counterattack! Giluke


Seala has a very silly goofie personality and loves the ocean. but is still very cruel and has no problem feed a woman to the Pirani to give them a tast for human flash.

Modus and Arsenal

when Seala came to earth he brot with him  eggs of the Pirani fish. a encreadibly agressib and fast reproducing invasive speaces. that would ravig earth. he converta an under water cave into a fish hatchery. plan on feeding Oozora to the Pirani  hatchlings to give them a tast for human flesh. 



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Behind the Scenes

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