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Seal Bōma (ハンコボーマ Hanko Bōma) is an elephant themed Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Wandering Boma Kirika.

Character History

Kirika uses Seal Boma as part of a scheme to cause chaos through society by running a "magic show" where she shows off her power, then stamps those who are impressed by her magic with Seal Boma's "Boma Tribes" seal to give them mystical abilities; the intent being that with many people possessing these magic powers, it will force society into chaos due to them doing whatever they want with them. As hoped, the boy stamped with the seal, who happens to be part of Yohei's swimming classes, plays various pranks with his powers while Seal Boma attacks the Turboranger. However the scheme nearly goes awry when the remains of the presumed dead Great Boma Emperor Lagorn empowers the Boma seal further, forcing the boy to attack not only the Turboranger but Yamimaru and Kirika as well; however the extent of the power forces the seal off Yohei's student rather easily. After fighting Seal Boma, Blue Turbo finishes it off with the J Machinegun, then the Turboranger defeat the giant Boma Beast with Turbo Rugger.


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It's body contains multiple stamp seals, the main one being the seal with the mark of the Hundred Boma Tribes in his trunk, that can give almost-mystical-like powers to whomever is stamped with it. It's main weapon is a staff with the stamp for "Danger" written on it, anything stamped with this has calamity befall it from being struck by it.

Behind the Scenes


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