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Seaick Brothers (シーイックブラザー Shīikku Burazā): The Seaick Brothers are a trio of submarine style Headders that combine onto Gosei Great to form Seaick Gosei Great. They are composed of the Manta Headder (マンタヘッダー Manta Heddā), the Sawshark Headder (ソーシャークヘッダー Sōshāku Heddā), and the Hammershark Headder (ハンマーシャークヘッダー Hanmā Shāku Heddā)


Manta Headder

Manta Header is a manta ray mecha. Forms the head of Seaick Gosei Great. When attached to the Spear of Ground Gosei Great, he shoots out a giant whirlpool of water.

Hammershark Headder

Hammershark Headder is a hammerhead shark mecha that's a member of the Seaick Brothers. Forms the left hand of Seaick Gosei Great.

Sawshark Headder

Sawshark Headder is a saw shark mecha that's part of the Seaick Brothers. Forms the right hand of Seaick Gosei Great.

Seaick Gosei Great

After combining with the Seaick Brothers, Gosei Great becomes Seaick Gosei Great (シーイックゴセイグレート Shīikku Gosei Gurēto). Seaick Gosei Great can scan an opponent's weaknesses using the high sensitivity sonar Seaick Analyze (シーイックアナライズ Shīikku Anaraizu) on its right eye. Seaick Gosei Great's final attack is the Seaick Strike (シーイックストライク Shīikku Sutoraiku), a combination hammer-punch/downward slash move.

Another Seaick Gosei Great

When using the Manta and Hammer Headders as hands and the Sawshark Headder as chest armor, Gosei Great becomes Another Seaick Gosei Great (アナザーシーイックゴセイグレート Anazā Shīikku Gosei Gurēto). First debuts in Epic 18.

Additional Formations

Gosei Card

Seaick Brother card

Summon Card

This Gosei Card is used by the sole surviving Seaick Goseiger, Gosei Blue, to summon the Seaick Brothers.


All Headers

Gokai All Headders Great Charge

The Greater Power of the Goseigers allows GokaiOh to summon the Gosei Headders, namely the Seaick, Skick and Landick Brothers as well as the personal Headders of the five Goseigers. The Headders are used to charge at an opponent in a finishing attack called the Gokai All Headders Great Charge (ゴーカイオールヘッダー大進撃 Gōkai Ōru Heddā Daishingeki), which was used once to destroy a horde of Non-commissioned Officers Sugormin. Ep. 17: The Amazing Silver-Colored Man


  • The Manta Header helmet resembles the hat of a pirate captain, with an eyepatch that acts as a scope to lock on to targets. This would serve retrospectively as a foreshadowing of the next Sentai after Goseiger.
  • Unlike the other tribe brothers, the Seaick Headders can only be used by the three other Goseigers during battle because there is only one Seaick Tribe member in the team.

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