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Sea Snake Monger (ウミヘビモンガー Umihebi Mongā, 25) is a sea serpent-theme Monger of the Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Sea Snake Monger was used as a guard to protect a Black Magma site near a tiny, forgotten village where they were trying to access a magma plume to use its energy for their purposes. When Takayuki investigates, he is thrown off a cliff and severely hurt, ultimately being saved by the children of a doctor remaining in the town. Sea Snake Monger further encounters both VulShark and VulPanther when it tries to tan itself on a beach; it attacked and escaped when it tried to cave in the two Sun Vulcan warriors. When it sees Takayuki alive with the remaining villagers, it abducts a girl who has a crush on VulEagle and uses her as a hostage. In order to draw him out, Takayuki uses Misa as bait to bring forth the Monger and to allow for a combined Sun Vulcan attack upon it. It is ultimately defeated by Vulcan Ball, then with the Solar Sword of Sun Vulcan Robo after it uses its Expansion Program.


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He can turn into a snake to slither and constrict opponents, as well as has guns mounted on his head and shoulders that he uses for attacks. He can also teleport, throw snakes, emit energy surges from his snake-like hands, and is equipped with a cutlass and a giant bottle of Black Magma Sun Oil.

Behind the Scenes


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