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Sea Anemone Monger (イソギンモンガー Isogane Mongā, 21) is the sea anemone-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Sea Anemone Monger is brought by the Zero Girls to a seaside town to help them capture a girl that had previously found a presumed-lost Nazi treasure hidden off the coast; it attacks Sun Vulcan as they take her brother to help them find the treasure, while protecting its masters when the duo are ultimately rescued by Misa and the team. Defeated by the Vulcan Ball, then by Sun Vulcan Robo after its Expansion Program activates.


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His main weapons include a toxic spray from the mouth that poisons all that touch it as well as head tendrils and white ropes that can constrict opponents as well as emit energy surges. He can also emit explosive flashes from his mouth and is equipped with a zambatou.

Behind the Scenes


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