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""You're in the Cyber Dimension. I'm the mighty Scrozzle. This is my kingdom. So you fools are Avatars? Tronics! I'm in charge here, bow down!""
―Scrozzle introduces himself to Blaze and Roxy after the former questioned where they were[src]

""Have mercy! Spare me! Please!""
―Scrozzle swearing loyalty to Evox after he arrived and destroyed his Tronics with eye blasts.[src]

""Rangers?! I didn't sign up for this!""
―Scrozzle when meeting the Beast Morphers Rangers for the first time.[src]

""‘Tis the season for revenge!""
―Scrozzle as he piloted Infernodrone.[src]

―Scrozzle when Infernodrone was destroyed[src]

""Hurry up with the Morph-X! Otherwise Evox will blast you to bolts!""
―Scrozzle bossing around Tronics and Drilltron 2.0 which revealed that he had survived.[src]

Scrozzle is a robot who was the former ruler of the Cyber Dimension. Scrozzle served as the secondary villain because he worked for Evox as his chief scientist and inventor, and, in some ways, acting as his second-in-command, along with Blaze and Roxy, though unwillingly in season 1.

Scrozzle acts as the secondary antagonist of Beast Morphers between the 2nd and 20th episode, became the main antagonist for the Halloween and Christmas special episodes, and the primary antagonist of Season 2's first episode. When Evox makes his return in the series, he returns to his former role of being the secondary antagonist.

Character History

Season One

Scrozzle had been hiding in the Cyber Dimension for some time, away from a monster named Vargoyle who Scrozzle himself apparently created. When living in the Cyber Dimension, Scrozzle made himself its de facto ruler. He first meets the avatar counterparts of Roxy and Blaze after their defeat in the Grid Battleforce base. Using his Tronics, he attempts to force the two to bow before him, only to quickly cower before Evox. Scrozzle quickly appeals to Evox with his technological prowess, revealing he created a teleporter that can get Evox to their original dimension with enough power.

He goes with Blaze to Earth to steal some Morph-X and makes Cycletron to distract the rangers while he and Blaze retreat. After Cycletron is destroyed, Scrozzle unleashes the massive Cycledrone to attack a Morph-X Tower before it was destroyed by the Racer Zord. Evox's Revenge

After Needletron is destroyed, Scrozzle unleashes the massive Needledrone but he was destroyed by the Racer Zord Battle Mode. End of the Road

Scrozzle says to Roxy to come back to the Cyber Dimension with the Neural Aligner saying that it will be useful to him. Scrozzle used Shoveltron's data and a Beta Gigadrone to create Shoveldrone. After Roxy's defeat and Shoveltron as well as Shoveldrone's destructions, Scrozzle speaks with Evox about a special plan where Evox wins a body and goes on Earth. Scrozzle precises that this plan not includes Blaze and Roxy but the two ignore that Blaze and Roxy hid have heard all. Digital Deception

With Roxy, Scrozzle helps Blaze in his plan, but the Rangers destroy Slicertron and capture Slicerdrone. Taking Care of Business

Scrozzle creates Meltatron to help Roxy to find Slicerdrone. Later, he sends Meltadrone to fight the Rangers. Then, enters in the Grid Battleforce and steals Steel's incomplete head to the Cyber Dimension possibly to create a new general to Evox or a body to that Evox returns on Earth. Hangar Heist

Scrozzle asks to Blaze and Roxy to create a Robotron to go after the Beast Bots and steals their data so that he can control the Beast X Megazord, but the plan fails. The Rangers destroy Railtron. Scrozzle used Railtron's data to create Raildrone and send two Gigatronics too. The Rangers destroy three Gigadrones with the Beast X Megazord. However Scrozzle informs Roxy and Blaze that he finally built his Cybergate for that Evox returns on Earth and takes over the Morphin Grid, Scrozzle laughs while Roxy and Blaze smile. A Friend Indeed

Vacuutron is sent to steal more Morph X to power up Scrozzle's Cybergate and free Evox of the Cyber Dimension. Scrozzle sends soon after Vacuudrone to steal more Morph X from the Morph-X tower. Vacuudrone is destroyed by the Beast X Megazord but Scrozzle, Blaze and Roxy are about to free Evox, having captured Nate, the ally of the Rangers to build a robotic body for their master. Evox begins to possess it but the plan fails, Nate succeeds to destroy the Cyber Gate, locks Evox in the Cyber Dimension and becomes the Gold Ranger, his partner Steel also becomes the Silver Ranger. Scrozzle retreats while the new two Rangers destroy the Tronics and easily defeat Blaze and Roxy who retreat at their turn. They then destroyed Vaccutron with amazing ease although he gave thier comrades a lotmof trouble. The Cybergate Opens

After Steel hands himself over to Evox's forces in exchange for Ben and Betty's release, Scrozzle repairs his Cybergate, then along with Blaze and Roxy wait Evox's arrival. Evox emerges from the Cybergate again and tries to take possession of Steel's body. He fails, however, because Steel has human DNA (specifically Nate's DNA). Steel summons his Striker Saber and destroys the Cybergate, forcing Evox back into the Cyber Dimension once more, Scrozzle retreats along with Blaze and Roxy, leaving Antennatron and some Tronics to fight. He later sent Antennadrone but both it and the Robotron were destroyed. Silver Sacrifice

Frustrated over this latest defeat, Evox complains to Scrozzle that Blaze and Roxy are continuing to fail. Scrozzle offers to upgrade one of the Avatars with all three of the Rangers' Beast powers. He shows Evox three data chips that can be placed on Robotrons and will collect the necessary data whenever a Ranger uses their Beast power. Evox tasks Blaze and Roxy with gathering this data, promising to give the upgrade to his most powerful servant. Roxy volunteers to go first. Though she succeeds in collecting data on Ravi's Gorilla strength, she fails to defeat the Rangers or collect Morph-X, Drilltron and Drilldrone are destroyed, so Evox sends Blaze to gather the next set of data. Thrills and Drills

Scrozzle sends Tooldrone after Tooltron's destruction but he is destroyed by the Rangers. Tools of the Betrayed

Scrozzle sends Clonedrone while Clonetron fights the Yellow and Blue Rangers, but they are destroyed by the Rangers. Real Steel

Scrozzle sends Tubadrone after Tubatron's destruction, but he is destroyed by the Rangers. Tuba Triumph

Scrozzle personally masterminded the attack on the Power Rangers using a hypnotic television show to make them think that they were the individuals they had dressed up as. When Roxy failed to kill them, Scrozzle created Spiketron from an unknown object and sent him to get a large shipment of Morph X being transported via truck. Once he hijacked said truck, Scrozzle appeared and revealed himself as the mastermind behind the entire scheme. Unfortunately, the Rangers managed to undo the brainwashing and showed up to destroh the duo. Scrozzle called forth Tronics and then retreated, leving the monster and his thugs to destroy the Rangers, Eventually, he crated Spikedrone in an attempt to lure away the Rangers but both the Robotron and Gigadrone were destroyed. Hypnotic Halloween

After Tubatron 2.0 is destroyed by the Rangers after a fierce fight, Scrozzle sends Tubadrone 2.0 but he is destroyed too by the Rangers. Sound and Fury

Scrozzle sends Burnerdrone after Burnertron's destruction, but he is destroyed by the Rangers. Seeing Red

Eventually, Vargoyle located Scrozzle in the Cyber Dimension and confronted him. He was furious to learn that the last four Fury Cells had been lost, and when Scrozzle blamed Blaze and Roxy, Vargoyle attacked and defeated the two avatars. Evox appeared and stopped the fight. After Scrozzle explained Vargoyle's backstory, Evox asked Vargoyle to work for him, offering to reward him with the Beast powers upgrade Scrozzle had recently developed. Scrozzle sends Turbodrone after Turbotron's destruction, but he is destroyed by the Rangers although it did manage to steal some Morph-X into the Cyber Dimension using it's fan. Gorilla Art

As Vargoyle is finishing telling Evox his plan to get him the Morph-X he needs to return to Earth, Blaze and Roxy walk it, ready to show Evox their designs for a Memory Pulsator, only for Vargoyle to reveal that he's already built their device with Scrozzle's help. Incensed, Blaze accuses Scrozzle of sharing their plans with Vargoyle, something which Scrozzle tries to deny, but Vargoyle confirms. Before the argument can escalate, Evox interrupts and says that if Vargoyle was clever enough to steal Blaze and Roxy's plan, then he's smart enough to execute that plan. Scrozzle sends Shockatron to Earth at the same time that Shockadrone was deployed as part of Vargoyle's plan to distract the Rangers while he put his Memory Pulsator in place. Although both Shockatron and Shockadrone were destroyed, Vargoyle succeeded in planting the Memory Pulsator on the Channel 10 TV station's transmitter tower. Ranger Reveal

Vargoyle used Scrozzle's Robotron-Maker to activate the Pulsator, which rewrote the memories of everyone in Coral Harbor, including the human Rangers, so that they forgot about Evox's previous attacks and believed that Blaze and Roxy were the actual Red and Yellow Beast Morphers Rangers. Steel, however, being half-human, half-machine, was not affected. He managed to convince Devon to come to Grid Battleforce with him, by promising to show him the Battle Simulator. Vargoyle confronted the two outside Grid Battleforce, and when he discovered that Steel's memories were still intact, he went on a rant about Scrozzle's incompetence - and in the process, accidentally revealed the location of the Memory Pulsator. Later, when Vargoyle fights Devon, he remarks that his Beast Power is almost discharged and asks to Scrozzle more Morph-X. Scrozzle replies that he has enough to use the Cheetah's speed and that he will send it more if he says please. At this moment, Blaze appears with Roxy and takes him the Morph-X. Scrozzle replies that Vargoyle has needed of Morph-X or he will be destroyed but Blaze and Roxy smile meaning that they win and Scrozzle joins their choice. Rewriting History

Scrozzle informs Blaze and Roxy that the Rangers have retrieved the Mega Transporters that they have stolen. Considering the Tronics as useless, Blaze orders to Scrozzle to send a Gigadrone to distract the Rangers so that him and Roxy retake the Mega Transporters. The Rangers divides : Ravi takes the Mega Transporters while the others fight the Gigadrone. Seeing that, Roxy says that she knows what to do, Blaze and Scrozzle watch her leave them confused. Even though Roxy is killed by Ravi, Blaze has amazing success when he teleported an entire Morph-X Tower with the Mega transporters, Scrozzle has built a rudimentary robot form for Evox and begins pumping Morph-X from the stolen tower into the body. Target Tower

Scrozzle admires the Morph-X circulated in Evox's new body, and verify with Blaze the teleportation system, awaiting that Evox's body to be ready, (and at an unknown point, he created a Megazord for Blaze). When the Rangers arrive in the Cyber Dimension with their Beast-X Ultrazord to rescue Devon and stop Evox once and for all, Blaze orders to Scrozzle to send an army of Gigadrones to destroy them. But the Beast-X Ultrazord destroys the entire army. Despite of this, Scrozzle successfully uploaded the evil virus into it and began the process of teleporting him into our dimension so he could access the Morphin Grid from Coral Harbour. Whilst transferring Evox, Nate showed up, with Mayor Daniels, Jax and Smash, and told Scrozzle to stop but he didn't and was shot in the back by the Striker Morpher although he quickly recovered and teleported away with his Robotron-Maker. Evox Upgraded

Months after the defeat of Evox, Scrozzle went on the offensive during Christmas and created Infernotron and went in a all out invasion of downtown with an army of Tronics, to take his revenge against the Rangers for destroying his Cyber Dimension. The Rangers fell for the trap and Nate was sealed away into a Christmas ornament and, despite the demise of Infernotron, the other Rangers followed suit with only Ravi and Steel remaining free. Ravi was later accidentally trapped by Steel. Later that day, Scrozzle personally piloted his Infernodrone and went on a rampage to destroy Coral Harbor. With Steel busy trying to fix the other Rangers, the Beast Bots were forced to pilot the Zords alone. While the Wheeler and Chopper Zords evacuated civilians and put out the fires, the Racer Zord took on Infernodrone. After taking a hit from the Racer Zord's Beast Bite, Scrozzle launched two Gigatronics for backup, then began burning into a Morph X Tower. Cruise quickly defeated the Gigatronics and then destroyed Infernodrone with the Racer Zord's Hyper Strike. Scrozzle's Revenge

Season Two

It was revealed by Nate that, since the end of Evox, the Cyber Dimension had been completely abandoned and was now just a barren wasteland. Scrozzle was revealed to have survived Infernodrone's destruction upon bailing out at the last minute. The Rangers confronted him, Drilltron 2.0, and some Tronics when they were stealing Morph-X from a spill in Sector Lima 2-3. Once the Rangers arrive to stop them, Scrozzle teleported away with all the Morph-X, leaving Drilltron 2.0 and the Tronics to fight the Rangers. He created Drilldrone 2.0 using Drilltron 2.0's data after this, but that was also destroyed.Believe It or Not

Having promised generals for Evox, Scrozzle creates Trappertron who captures Blaze and Roxy. Scrozzle scans them, then he creates in the Crystal Dimension, his new base, Robo-Roxy and Robo-Blaze, with robotic bodies and back up datas of Avatars Blaze and Roxy, they possesses memories of theirs predecessors. After Trappertron's destruction, Scrozzle sends Trapperdrone but he is destroyed by the Beast X-Ultrazord. Save Our Shores

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Genius: Scrozzle is one of the most intelligent characters in the Power Rangers franchise, being able to create literally hundreds of massive robot monsters. an unknown number of robotic monsters, and a giant portal creator amongst other things. It is unclear whether he created his Cyber Dimension however or if he just found it.
  • Expert Pilot: Scrozzle was able to pilot Infernodrone with amazing ease and was temporarily able to match the Racer Zord in combat.
  • Durability: Scrozzle can be shot in the back by Nate's Striker Morpher and fall down but quickly recover. His most impressive display of his invulnerability however was when he managed to somehow survive the destruction of Infernodrone despite the fact that he had no time to just teleport out of it.
  • Tronics Summoning: Scrozzle can summon a group of Tronics to aid him if needed.
  • Tronics Transformation-Scrozzle is capable of turning living things into Tronics, as mentioned by Evox when he was angry with Blaze and Roxy for allowing the Rangers to take their Gigadrone in the episode "Hangar Heist"; he threatened to have Scrozzle change them into his mindless footsoldiers.


  • Teleporter: Scrozzle has a wrist mounted teleporter he can use to get himself and the Avatars to Earth. However it needs a lot of Morph-X to get Evox to Earth.
  • Robotron Creation Key: A Morph-X Key repurposed by Scrozzle to create Robotrons.
  • Fury Cells: Scrozzle had discovered the Fury Cells with Vargoyle, they give more power. When Vargoyle takes the majority of them and becomes more powerful and also evil, he turns against his creator. Scrozzle fled with the last four Fury Cells. These items have since either been destroyed or drained of power and rendered
  • Infernodrone-Scrozzle's personal Gigadrone made from the data of Infernotron. It was destroyed by the Racer Zord's Cheetah Strike which was thought to have killed Scrozz although he survived.



Scrozzle fears Evox and Vargoyle, and avoids battle actively. He is loyal to his master, giving him useful advices and suggestions, and managing all of the technology within the Cyber Dimension and Crystal Dimension. His rivalry with Blaze and Roxy varied, though it seems to have diminished over time, especially since has become vital for their restoration given their currently robotic nature.

Behind the Scenes



  • Scrozzle has no direct Go-Busters counterpart, making him a Power Rangers-exclusive villain. His design does look very similar to those found in Go-Onger and its Power Rangers counterpart Power Rangers RPM as well as similar elements of Dark Doctor Mavro.
    • Interestingly, his voice actor previously portrayed a villain adapted from ToQger.
  • Scrozzle's name is derived from a technical term referring to when self-modifying code data runs incorrectly and corrupts a program or data.


  • Scrozzle is Campbell Cooley's third PR Exclusive role, after Alpha 6 in "Once a Ranger" and Cosmo Royale, and the second exclusive role whose costume wasn't directly adapted (the first being Alpha 6).
  • Scrozzle refers to himself in the third person a lot.
  • Blaze sometimes calls him, "Scrozz".
  • Scrozzle is the third general of Evox and the only general to survive until the second season.
  • While he was an original villain, he served as a some kind of counterpart to Enter (whose Dark Buster form was used by Blaze). Just like Enter, he was the villains' scientist and monster creator.


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