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The Scroll of Empowerment being summoned by the the P.A.M.

Scroll of Empowerment.gif

"Scroll of Empowerment, descend!"
―When someone makes the monster grow

The Scroll of Empowerment was an item used by Lothor and his generals.

It was used to make monsters grow, or revive monsters and then make them grow. It was controlled using a handheld device called the P.A.M. (Personal Alien Manager). Tvicon.png TV STORY-There's No "I" In Team It would be shot out from Lothor's spacecraft and into the atmosphere; after making a monster grow, it would disappear and return to Lothor's ship. The PAM could also summon Kelzaks.

In one notable instance, Lothor attempted to grow multiple monsters at once. However, the P.A.M. could not handle this due to insufficient memory; Zurgane informed him he didn't pay for the memory upgrade required for multiple monster growths, much to Lothor's irritation.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Samurai's Journey



Make My Monster Grow - Scroll of empowerment, Descend!

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