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"Be a powerful ruler my sweet"
―Scorpius's last words before his death.[src]

Scorpius was an alien insectoid warlord, ruler of the inhabitants of the Scorpion Stinger and the initial primary antagonist of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.


He resembled a large arachnid with tentacles instead of legs. He was a truly antagonistic enemy of the Magna Defender, having attacked his planet 3,000 years ago and killed his only son, Zika.

Scorpius frequently attempted to gather powerful objects to himself, including the Quasar Sabers and the Lights of Orion. The result of these mad quests often left the objects in question in the hands of the Galaxy Power Rangers, and severely depleted Scorpius' army as they were either punished by him, or destroyed by the Rangers.

Scorpius had a daughter, Trakeena, upon whom he truly doted and adored. He refused to allow her to be involved in his evil deeds, and he would not allow her to engage the Rangers in battle despite her requests - all in attempts to protect her from becoming severely injured.

Eventually, Scorpius webbed a cocoon for his daughter. He told her that it was her time to enter the cocoon, to shed her mortal beauty and become an insect with magnificent powers, like him. With the help of the cocoon, Scorpius likely would have let Trakeena fight the rangers. Trakeena declined, for vanity reasons. When Scorpius tried to force her, she ran away and teleported out into space, eventually arriving on Onyx.

Death of Scorpius

Scorpius had later met Deviot and appointed him as his new general. Deviot plotted against Scorpius, to depose him and enter the cocoon so that he could gain great powers. Deviot tricked Scorpius into attacking the Galaxy Power Rangers, saying that Trakeena was their prisoner. With an army of Stingwingers, Scorpius ambushed the Galaxy Rangers. Alone he proved to be a formidable force to be reckon with in battle. However, grabbing on his tentacles, the other rangers held the warlord down to allow Leo to deliver the final strike with his charged-up Quasar Saber and Power-Up Claw. Though Scorpius was mortally wounded, he survived long enough to flee back to the Scorpion Stinger. Trakeena returned to take his throne before Scorpius could pass it to Deviot. Before he died, Scorpius told Deviot to be as loyal to Trakeena as he had been to him. After he died, one of Scorpius's tentacles transformed into a new, more powerful staff for Trakeena. He would re-appear, after that, only in flashbacks.


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Powers and Abilities


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  • When Scorpius was invading the Magna Defender's home planet 3,000 years ago, among the monsters he brought with him were Radster, Sledge, Fishface, Impostra, and Motor Mantis, and Captain Mutiny.
  • Scorpius is American-produced and therefore has no direct Sentai counterpart.
  • The goo slime covering Scorpius is made from varnishing cream.
  • He shares his name with a constellation, though unlike an actual scorpion, he has six legs instead of eight.
  • It is implied that he once had a humanoid appearance like Trakeena and entered a cocoon like the one he made for her when he was her age and shedded his skin to become a powerful Insectoid, as he mentioned that transforming into a powerful metamorphosis was something they “all” had had to do, the “all” presumably being their ancestors, and him himself.


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