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Scorpion Monger (サソリモンガー Sasori Mongā, 9) is a scorpion-themed Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

A 2-faced Monger sent to capture Professor Kosaka who developed a means to produce gold and uranium from the minerals in salt water. But when the scientist lies that his research is on microfilm and is killed by Hell Satan when he attempts to escape, a Dark Q is built to assume his form to find the microfilm within the Kosaka Marine Science Facility. After the Kosaka Dark Q is destroyed by the Zero Girls once learning the truth, Scorpion Monger battles Sun Vulcan and defeated by the Vulcan Ball and then destroyed by Sun Vulcan Robo.


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His main abilities include attacking by rolling into a ball against opponents and becoming a small scorpion for direct attacks. He also has a machine gun in his left claw and head, an ax staff, and can teleport.

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art

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