This article is about a/an toyline-exclusive evil Zord in Power Rangers Super Samurai.

The ScorpionCreature Zord.


The ScorpionCreature with Deker's figure and combined with the Samurai Megazord.


The ScorpionCreature in its toyline packaging.

The ScorpionCreature is Deker's personal Zord in the Super Samurai toyline. The ScorpionCreature's design is based on the Gold Samurai Ranger's ClawZord.


It can combine with the Samurai Megazord, replacing the Turtle FoldingZord as its right arm. The head of the ScorpionZord becomes Samurai Megazord's helmet. This combo has remained unnamed to this day.

The Zord itself was shown in a German catalogue on January 2012 and was referred to as the ScorpionZord. [1] However, later it was released in toy shelves with the name ScorpionCreature. This Zord did not appear in the show.


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