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―Scorpina's first words during the warehouse fight scene after her hand blast had no effect on the Rangers.[src]

"“Try me. AH HA HA HA!”"
―Scorpina after being grown for the first time.[src]

―Scorpina when enlarged for the third time.[src]

""Long ago, during your father's initial run as a Ranger, I was unfufilled by my place. I I hungered for more power. So...I made a move to acquire some. I stole one of Rita's sacred spell books. But I was set up. She banished me to the Talos Dimension-ruled by Lokar. I spent years attempting to bargain with him, but had nothing to order. That is, until Zordon's wave which wiped out all of Lokar's allies in the galaxy. Generations of work was overturned. While Rita and Zedd got to be free, I was in another dimension, not affected by the Z-Wave. I got nothing. So I offered myself to him. To be his agent on Earth. When the conditions were right, he was able to send me back into this dimension. With strings attached. But, the flow of time is complicated. Instead of returning to where I left...I landed decades later. Armed with a handful of powerful crystals tied to Lokar's dark power, designed to create dark twisted versions of the Earth's most treasured guardians. I started from scratch. Powering competing gang factions. Allowing Lokar to feed on the resulting chaos. Noqw I have promised him a tribute. A proper sacrifice. You. The spawn of Oliver. Lokar has accepted. Our trial run is over. He is pleased with me and will imbue me with more power than Rita Repulsa ever had. This is my chance to rise from a footnote to a revered success in the annals of history. This is my chance to change my fate.""
―Scorpina revealing why she disappeared and how she survived Zordon's Energy Wave as well as her scheme and motivations.[src]

―Scorpina upon growing into her ultimate and final form.[src]

""No! Noooo!""
―Scorpina when being sucked back into the Talos Dimension and her final words before her presumed death.[src]

Scorpina was one of Rita Repulsa's most ruthless and dangerous minions, besides Goldar, whom she frequently fought alongside. Scorpina later returned in Power Rangers HyperForce as one of The Alliance's main generals.

In spite of her minor villain role, she serves as the main antagonist of the episodes "The Rockstar", "A Star is Born" and "Goldar's Vice-Versa" as well as the comic "Soul of the Dragon".


Goldar and Scorpina have shown affection toward each other, and Goldar is shown to be protective of her. Her human form has been shown to be very cheerful and innocent looking, but it hides her sadistic personality, and a scorpion monster form when Rita makes her gigantic.


Very little is known about Scorpina's background. Her first appearance was in the Green with Evil story arc. She is an old friend of Rita Repulsa and according to Baboo, did horrible things. Much like Goldar, she would often square off against Jason, the Red Ranger when sent to battle the Rangers, and often overwhelmed them with ease. She fights with a crescent-shaped sword that can be thrown like a boomerang. When she grows to giant-size, she becomes a scorpion monster that enjoys wrapping her long electrocuting stinger-like ponytail around the Power Rangers' Megazord's head and has a scorpion claw in place of her left hand.

Scorpina was presented as an old friend of Rita's in her first appearance; already reeling from the assault of Rita's Green Ranger, the arrival of Scorpina nearly spelled disaster for the Power Rangers. Scorpina had a pet silkworm, which was once used to fight the Power Rangers. She remained a powerful and dangerous opponent for the second half of MMPR's first season.


Scorpina was present when Lord Zedd returned to the moon, but was absent when he banished Rita and for most of Zedd's early endeavors against the Power Rangers. She briefly returned to assist one of Lord Zedd's attempts to neutralize Adam Park, posing as a human girl named Sabrina. Though she succeeded in capturing both Adam and Aisha, the rest of the Rangers quickly discovered her return and thwarted her and Goldar's plans. Although she insisted she'd be back, Scorpina was never seen again. She was replaced by Rito Revolto in Season 3.


Scorpina was unaccounted for when Zordon's Energy Wave was unleashed over the galaxy and destroyed most of the villains and purified Rita, Lord Zedd, Divatox and Astronema. It is possible that Scorpina was purified on account of being humanoid, or was unaffected and thus remains at large. Her current status would remain unknown for another twenty years. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction


Scorpina's disappearance is explained in the web RPG series, she became disgruntled taking orders from Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa and wanted a chance to destroy the Power Rangers herself. One day, she was approached by The Leader of The Alliance, who offered her a chance for power and would dispose of the Rangers personally for her. Due to her pride as a warrior, Scorpina turned him down and then went into hiding. Therefore, she was unaffected by the Z-Wave and is still at large.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Whatever Happened to Scorpina?

Soul of The Dragon

During the events of Soul of the Dragon, it was revealed that Scorpina had become disillusioned with Rita and began to desire power so started to read her spell books. However, it was a trap (probably set to either test her loyalty or to find who had been breaking into her library.) She was banished to the Talos Dimension where she was found and rescued by Lokar, the dimension's ruler and Rita's former henchman. She tried to get him to send her back but he refused until Zordon's Energy Wave wiped out his allies and he decided that he had no choice but to use her as an envoy. He sent her back to Earth but due to time moving slower in the Talos Dimension than on Earth, she appeared roughly one year after the defeat of Omni and the Troobian Empire in 2025. Taking up a hooded disguise reminiscent of Rita, she became a mysterious benefactor to the gangs of Angel Grove, providing them with highly advanced weapons in exchange for power and influence. She also supplied them with powered crystals that doubled as beacons to draw Lokar to Earth as he desired. However, J.J. uncovered this scheme inadvertently and he, Anara and Tommy confronted her at which point she took off the cloak and took J.J. into the Talos Dimension. She then revealed what happened to her to J.J. but Anara, Tommy, Kat, the Blue Senturion, and Jack in S.W.A.T. Mode ambushed her and her gang of loyal thugs. A battle then ensued which Scorpina's forces lost although Scorpina used the power enhancing crystals to grow herself into a more powerful version of her monster form. Although she overpowered J.J. when he morphed into the S.P.D. Green equipped with Tommy's Dragon Shield, Lokar had run out of patience and confronted her about it. She begged for more time but he had had enough and sucked her back into the Talos Dimension whilst her gang was rounded up and arrested.

Scorpina's ultimate fate remains unclear but it is likely that Lokar killed her for good for her failure or made her into a mindless minion as punishment. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Power Rangers Soul of the Dragon

Split History

Disappearance from the Prime Universe

She is teleported to the Coinless Dimension after being exposed to the Green Chaos Crystal. After being sent to the Coinless Dimension, she would join Lord Drakkon’s Army and would take over his army after he disappears. She would form an alliance with The Coinless after it is revealed that Rita Repulsa has returned and fights her former master to ensure her reign. After Rita Repulsa is destroyed, Scorpina reluctantly agrees to let Ranger Slayer become the figurehead leader of Lord Drakkon’s Army. Scorpina would eventually develop a friendship with Adam Park, a Mastodon Sentry and is distraught after he is killed by Eclipta. Scorpina would temporarily obtain a new form after the former Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers use their Power Coins to power up with entire population with Morphin’ Grid energy. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn Issue 2

After Drakkon’s demise (or so many believed), she immediately took over Drakkon’s command, until she entrusted it to Ranger Slayer, after forming an alliance with the Coinless and defeating an undead Rita, restoring the universe’s peace in their world. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn

Behind the scenes

During production, Scorpina was originally going to be called "Scorpira". She is portrayed by Sabrina Lu, who was unable to stay with the show, resulting in the character disappearing from the series during the second season when a new actress could not be found on time.

Although Scorpina did not appear on any Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episodes after Goldar's Vice-Versa, last being seen retreating from the Thunder Ultrazord, she was mentioned in the closing credits in subsequent (and prior) episodes, with Wendee Lee playing her.

Powers and Abilities

Scorpina in Legacy Wars

Normal form

  • Strength: Scorpina is one of the most powerful members of the Evil Space Aliens, roughly on par with Goldar and Rito. 
  • Teleportation: Scorpina can make herself vanish on the spot when she needs to leave battle.
  • Helmet Laser: Scorpina can shoot out an orange energy laser from her helmet.
  • Putty Summoning: Scorpina can summon both the regular Putties and the Z-Putties to aid her in combat.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Scorpina is roughly on par with Goldar, being able to overwhelm all five Rangers very easily.
  • Scorpion Form: Scorpina can assume a anthropomorphic scorpion form when Rita makes her grow.


  • Scorpion Fin: Scorpina has a razor sharp scorpion tail-like blade to aid her in combat.
    • Boomerang: Scorpina can charge up her blade with blue energy and throw her crescent fin blade like a boomerang to knock down her enemies and then catch it.
    • Lightning Strike: When combined with Goldar's sword, she can fire forth blue lightning from her fin blade with enough power to take down all five Rangers.

Scorpion form

  • Strength: Scorpina is even more powerful in her giant scorpion form, powerful enough to take on and easily overpower the Dino Megazord.
  • Durability: Being struck by the energized Power Sword and Thunder Saber as well as a fireball from the White Tigerzord in Warrior Mode only made her and Goldar fall down. Even the Thunder Ultrazord's lasers just took her down and she was able to retreat.
  • Teleportation: Like her human form, monster Scorpina can make herself vanish on the spot when she needs to leave battle.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Scorpina retains her combat abilities in this form, being able to overwhelm the various Megazords in combat.


  • Scorpion Fin: Scorpina retains her fin blade for combat even in this form.
  • Scorpion Claw: Scorpina has a massive golden scorpion claw for a left hand that she can use to both bash her enemies with or catch the Megazord's fist within it.
  • Tail: Scorpina has a long tail with a barb at the end when she is in this form.
    • Electrocution: Scorpina can wrap her tail around the Megazord's neck and electrocute it with light yellow electricity.


  • Scorpina is the first villain to change to a different form when growing giant.
  • In the script for the cancelled episode, "Zordon, I Shrunk The Rangers", Goldar and Scorpina had a date planned, but Zedd and Rita forced the two to go on a mission, much to Goldar's dismay and Scorpina's annoyance (which would have made sense, considering that their Sentai counterparts had a child together).
  • The stinger-like ponytail and boots for Scorpina's giant monster form were later combined with a horned helmet-engraved head, the left hand and some of the arm fur of unused Ninja Sentai Kakuranger monster Bakeneko, and a generic body to form Plague Patrol #1.
  • Scorpina is a playable character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.


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