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"General Scorch, spirit of the Avalon Dragon."
―Scorch's first words when introducing himself to Jellica. This is also technically his roll call.[src]
"It ends here!"
―Scorch about to finish off Jarrod and Camille before the other Rangers arrived and his final words before his first death.[src]
"You thought it would be that easy. THINK AGAIN!"
―Scorch when he enlarged himself.[src]
"I'm a Phantom Beast General. You cannot defeat me."
― Scorch's final words before his destruction.[src]

Scorch was the leader of the Phantom Beasts and possessed the Avalon Dragon Animal Spirit. His goal was to make Dai Shi their new leader and the Phantom Beast King. He possessed Rinzin power like his fellow Generals.


Along with Whiger, Snapper, and five other Phantom Beasts, they had attempted to overthrow Dai Shi during the Beast War. The resulting feud had caused the attack on the humans to stand on weak ground. With the finding of the Crystal Eyes in which the Generals were contained, they resolved to align completely with Dai Shi. They plotted to make him Phantom Beast King and eliminate his humanity, ensuring the success of the Final Beast Wars. After Whiger was stripped of rank and destroyed, Scorch started to doubt Dai Shi's ability to suppress his human host due to Camille. This led to him and Snapper both secretly scheming to do something about it, from sabotaging Camille's plan with Grinder to sending Sonimax, Osiris, and Lepus to assassinate her. It was after the three failed that Dai Shi beats Scorch while assuring him he's still in control. When Jarrod and Dai Shi end up separated, Scorch, along with Snapper, battles the Rangers, Jarrod, and Camille and is wounded by the Jungle Pride Charge following Snapper's destruction.

He survived to spearhead Dai Shi's army for the final battle, easily defeating RJ and Dominic, along with Masters Phant, Swoop, and Finn, before being destroyed by the Rangers' Triple Claw attack. Scorch was revived by Dai Shi for the final Beast War, but was destroyed again by the Zhuq masters.



  • Scorch is a third of the concept of his original Sentai counterpart Long (Scorch being the equivalent of his battle armor). The other third of the concept was used for Dai Shi (the golden dragon spirit concept), while the remaining third (the human part) was left unadapted for Power Rangers because Naoki Kawano (the actor who played Long) was a Sentai exclusive.
  • His destruction is noted by Casey to R.J. in a rare comedic matter. (R.J.: "Scorch?" Casey: "Scorched.")

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