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"General Scorch, spirit of the Avalon Dragon."
―Scorch's first words upon being released from the Crystal Eyes.[src]

"It ends here!"
―Scorch about to finish off Jarrod and Camille before the other Rangers arrived and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"You thought it would be that easy? THINK AGAIN!"
―Scorch after he enlarged himself.[src]

"Ha! You are no match for a Phantom Beast General! So you think you can defeat me now?!"
―Scorch when confronted by the Jungle Pride Charge with Lion and Chameleon Power.[src]

"Dai Shi! Send the Rinshi to gather more fear. I will personally see that the Rangers are eliminated!"
―Scorch revealing his survival upon returning to the Temple of the Dai Shi.[src]

"I'm a Phantom Beast General. You cannot defeat me."
―Scorch's final words before his destruction.[src]

Scorch was the leader of the Phantom Beasts and possessed the Avalon Dragon Animal Spirit. He served as the main antagonist of the episode "Path of the Righteous" and the secondary antagonist of the final episode "Now the Final Fury."



Scorch was the Phantom Beast who used the battle style of the Avalon Dragon and their default leader. During the first Beast War, Scorch fought against Pai Zhuq Academy and Dai Shi Clan. He, along with the other Phantom Beasts, was defeated and destroyed. However, the Crystal Eyes are left behind and they possess the power to resurrect them.

Jungle Fury

After the death of Grizzaka, Jellica flees from destruction by Dai Shi with the Crystal Eyes. from which she resurrects Scorch, Whiger and Snapper with the goal to kill Dai Shi for her. However, they betray and kill her before summoning their Phantom Beast Warriors and swearing allegiance to Dai Shi despite his new humanity in order to win the Beast Wars. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Fear and the Phantoms

After Whiger is stripped of rank and destroyed, Scorch starts to doubt Dai Shi's ability to suppress his human host due to Camille so he and Snapper begin plotting against her. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Spirit of Kindness

Camille steals a cloning formula and asks for help so Scorch brings in a regular Rinshi. However, she demands a Phantom Beast Warrior instead and Dai Shi approves so Scorch reluctantly summons Grinder much to his own anger. Later however, to spite Camille, Scorch goes to Grinder and sends him back into battle where he is easily slain. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Maryl and the Monkeys

Scorch and Snapper send Sonimax, Osiris, and Lepus to assassinate Camille in the woods under the pretense of a direct order and then deny knowing where she is when confronted by their master. However, knowing of their hatred for Camille, Dai Shi goes to save her and kills Sonimax and Osiris. Scorch and Snapper later intervene during a fight between Lepus and Casey (the latter having been on a run in the woods when he found Jarrod and Camille) and toss him down. Lepus calls them out for tricking her and her friends but they decide to leave this for later whilst they kill Casey only for the other Jungle Fury Rangers to arrive and summon the Spirit Rangers. Scorch and Snapper fight the Spirit Rangers so the Rangers combine their finishers which causes a big blast but neither Phantom Beast General is fazed and Scorch blasts them down. However, the Jungle Fury Rangers easily manage to destroy Lepus so they withdraw. Tvicon.png TV STORY-To Earn Your Stripes

When Jarrod and Dai Shi end up separated, Scorch has him locked in the dungeons but Casey redeems his old bully and they escape. However, Scorch and Snapper pursue and easily defeat them until the four remaining Rangers show up and summon the Spirit Rangers for a big battle, Scorch fights Casey and Jarrod whilst the other fight Scrapper but they easily defeat him with their teamwork. Launching Scorch into the air, they obliterate him with an energy ball and the Claw Cannon even as Camille kills Snapper. However, Scorch is able to enlarge himself so they summon the Jungle Pride Charge and combine it with the Lion and Chameleon Animal Spirits to form the Jungle Pride Charge with Lion and Chameleon Power. Scorch arrogantly claims that this is futile and blasts it with a devastating lightning blast as it advances and mocks their inferiority. However, they rally and blast him with a chameleon whip and Lion Spirit blasts before tossing him into the air. There, they strike him with the Wolf, Cheetah and Jaguar Animal Spirits before slicing him apart with the Lion Sword which makes him fly back and implode. However, Scorch survives this virtually unscathed and returns to the Temple of the Dai Shi and offers to launch one final attack to gather enough fear for Dai Shi to manifest which he accepts. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Path of the Righteous

Scorch spearheads Dai Shi's army for the final battle in the Final Beast War, easily defeating RJ and Dominic along with Masters Phant, Swoop, and Finn before being destroyed by the Rangers' Triple Claw attack. Despite his arrogant claim that he cannot be defeated, the strike sends him flying back into some barrels where he explodes and is killed. However, Dai Shi quickly revives him for the Final Beast War. He initially fights Casey but is ultimately defeated and killed again by the seven Pai Zhuq masters.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Now the Final Fury


Scorch was a monster in every way, aggressive, psychopathic, passive aggressive, and treacherous to anyone he thought sabotaged Dai Shi's plan. He proved to be very petty and underhanded underhanded to anyone he didn't like as seen with Camille on multiple occasions.

Powers and Abilities


  • Power: Scorch was easily the second most powerful enemy of all of Jungle Fury, far exceeding Grizzaka and any of the Overlords as well as all of his underlings but was still weaker than Dai Shi in his true form and as the Phantom Beast King.
  • Phantom Beast Summoning: Scorch was able to summon the eight Phantom Beasts at will.
  • Rinzin: Scorch was more skilled in using his Rinzin Power than any other Phantom Beast which manifested as clouds of golden energy and granted him many abilities:
    • Rinzin Enhancement-Scorch, Whiger, and Snapper were able to surround their bodies in Rinzin Power to empower Dai Shi and Camille.
    • Rinzin Streak: Scorch was able to jet into the air in Rinzin energy streaks to go behind Dai Shi and kill Jellica.
    • Chest Rinzin Stream: Scorch was able to gesture around his arms and launch forth a massive stream of golden energy from his chest. This appears to have been his strongest attack given he used it as a last resort against Casey and Jarrod and it took both of them considerable effort to resist it but how dangerous it was is unknown since they stopped it.
    • Brainwashing: It was implied that Scorch and Snapper were the ones to brainwash the Pai Zhuq masters to utilize the Spirit Rangers.
    • Enlargement: Scorch was able to enlarge himself in a massive thunderstorm using the power of Rinzin.
      • Post-Mortem Enlargement: Unlike every other monster in Jungle Fury, Scorch was able to enlarge himself despite already being slain.
  • Face Lightning Blast: Scorch was able to fire a massive lightning of golden energy from the symbol on his face strong enough to halt the Jungle Pride Charge with Lion and Chameleon Power.


  • Strength: Scorch was able to pick up and throw down Casey down when he arrived to help Lepus and then send the Bat Spirit Ranger flying with a single swing kick.
    • Explosive Punches: Scorch was able to punch with enough force to cause explosions on his enemies and send the Elephant Spirit Ranger flying.
  • Durability: Scorch survived the combined Spirit Ranger finisher with little more than a yell. When giant, he survived being cut into by the Cheetah, Wolf, and Jaguar Animal Spirits and then bisected dozens of times by the Lion Sword without a scratch.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Scorch was able to overwhelm all five Rangers and both Jarrod and Camille in battle but was helpless when they teamed up.
  • Absolute Equilibrium: Scorch was able to remain upright despite being stabbed and slashed multiple times by Casey's Claw Booster.
  • Super Jumps: Scorch was able to jump six feet into the air with a single bound to avoid energy punches from the main three Rangers during his final battle.


  • Fists: Scorch had no weapons of any kind but his immense strength more than made up for it.
    • Rinzin Punch: Scorch was able to charge Rinzin into his fists and punch Jellica hard enough that, when combined with Snapper and Whiger's own use of this move, obliterated her despite her watery properties.
    • Rinzin Shockwave: Scorch could charge Rinzin into his hand to slam it on the ground and cause a shockwave and knock the three Rangers into the air.
    • Rinzin Beam: Scorch was able to charge Rinzin into his hands to fire an energy beam of it capable of sending all three Spirit Rangers to the ground with one hit.
    • Rinzin Fireballs: During his final battle, Scorch was able to charge Rinzin into his hands to fire small golden fireballs strong enough to send Dominic and RJ flying with hit.

Behind the Scenes



  • Scorch was a third of the concept of his original Sentai counterpart Long who happened to be the true main antagonist (Scorch being the equivalent of his battle armor). The other third of the concept was used for Dai Shi (the golden dragon spirit concept), while the remaining third (the human part) was left unadapted for Power Rangers.


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