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"I dug up on my grave. Why? I'm going in the hole!"
―Final words before his death[src]

Scoop Banki (スコップバンキ Sukoppu Banki) is a Land Barbaric Machine Beasts made by Land Pollution Minister Yogostein to attack Neo Tokyo Hills, tending to say "Kappore" (a meaningless word sung for rhythm) in his sentences.. It is scoop-themed.


His trademark attacks are "Landslide Blizzard (ドシャブリザード Dosha Burizardo)" and the stronger "Super Landslide Blizzard", using his shovel gauntlets to scoop up boulders or bury his opponents in dirt. He is scrapped by Engine-Oh after being corrected by Go-on Blue that Musashi killed Kojirō not with two swords, but with a long bokken (the length of the Go-on Sword gave the Go-ongers a greater advantage over Scoop Banki's shovel gauntlets).GP 03: Basic Investigation


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