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Scavenger Hunt is the thirty-fifth episode of the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


The teens go on a scavenger hunt. But, then Lord Zedd has other ideas to ruin their game once and for all. He creates the Cannontop monster with the express intent to blast the Rangers into a dimension from which they can never return!


Tommy, Kimberly and Adam are taking part in a scavenger hunt. Kimberly realizes one of the clues refers to a red car and Tommy photographs her and Adam standing in front of it. They have six clues left, with Billy and the others having the other half. Lord Zedd observes this and vows to send the Rangers on a scavenger hunt through dimensions.

At the Juice Bar, Billy, Rocky and Aisha are debating the clues when Bulk and Skull arrive dressed in a cod-Romany style and introduce them to Gypsy Aballonia, who they claim will lead them to the Power Rangers. However, her gyrating mostly just serves to keep them busy.

Squatt and Baboo listen at the door as Zedd instructs Goldar to steal one of the scavenger hunt items to turn into a monster. At Billy's house, he tells Aisha and Rocky that one of the clues refers to a cannon, and takes a toy cannon that his cousin left behind. Zedd decides this will be the monster and has Goldar send the Putties to steal it. Billy, Rocky and Aisha fight the Putties but some of them escape with the bag containing the scavenger hunt items.

Tommy, Kimberly and Adam are at the high school where Billy contacts them with an update: They decide to wait to hear from Zordon. Gypsy Abballonia appears declaring that the Power Rangers are near, but Bulk and Skull collapsing puts an end to the concern.

Goldar confirms he has left the toy cannon in the park and Zedd uses it to form Cannontop, who has the power to blast the Rangers into the lost dimension. Zordon and Alpha detect this and contact first Billy and then Tommy: Both groups morph and tackle Cannontop together. Cannontop fires on them and Rocky retaliates by having the Rangers form the Power Blaster and shoot Cannontop with it. Zedd causes Cannontop to grow and the Rangers summon the Thunderzords. The Red Dragon Thunderzord rides on the White Tigerzord to charge Cannontop. Zordon and Alpha note the lost dimension is opening. Tommy first summons Tor the Shuttlezord and then forms the Mega Tigerzord, who destroys Cannontop with a Firebird blast. Zedd is left to rant at his minions for the failure and declare the Power Rangers won't be so lucky next time.

The six teens head to the Juice Bar with one item left to collect; Ernie warns them that there's a rumor that Central High are on the way there with all the items and realizes their missing item is a photo of the Power Rangers. Gypsy Abballonia appears and declares the Power Rangers are in front of them, but on seeing the picture, Bulk and Skull assume she meant that and tell her she's fired. The teens present the items to the judges and Angel Grove is declared the winner.



  • Final appearance of the Power Blaster as well as the only time Rocky, Adam and Aisha ever use it alongside Billy and Kimberly.
  • Billy and Kimberly have new dialogue recorded for when they're saying their weapons names for the Power Blaster formation instead of the old voice work, when Jason, Zack and Trini were part of the team.
  • Final appearance of Tor, it's never explained what happened to the Zord and why the Rangers stopped using it. It becomes the first Zord not to be destroyed after making its last appearance.
  • Tommy's morph preparation is used from the Power Rangers live tour.
  • The footage of the Rangers during the ground fight against Cannontop is compiled entirely from past episodes (with the majority of the shots coming from "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire", the episode immediately prior to this one). 


  • All of the dialogue in the Power Blaster sequence sounds weird and clearly isn't coming from in-universe. Everything sounds tinny and the music quietins down unuaturally for the lines.
  • Tommy calls for the formation of the Thunder Ultrazord but the Mega Tigerzord is formed instead.
  • Tommy refers to the Red Dragon Thunderzord as the Thunder Megazord before it mounts the White Tigerzord. 
  • After his first scene, Cannontop's voice changes in pitch to become deeper and then changes back to the higher pitched one when he grows.
  • Tor completely disappears from the fight after blasting Cannontop.
  • When Adam reacts to giant Cannontop, there is nothing but open sky behind him but the shot after where Aisha brags that they would kill him has a massive tree behind him. The camera angle would not hide this.
    • This continuity error is due to being recycled from "No Clowning Around" after Trini returned to saving Sylvia after Pineoctopus turned her into a cardboard cutout.
  • The shot of Cannontop being stuck by the Power Blaster blast is merely the monster's cannon blast attack but played backwards.
  • There are instances of Cannontop attacking the Rangers from the Japanese cemetery while the Rangers shows that they were in the park near the lake. The worst example is when he is is "hit by the Power Blaster" (see below).
  • Kanji can also be seen on the cemetery posts behind him after he said "at last, Power Rangers in my sights" and Tommy warned the others to be careful.
  • Although Cannontop fires a projectile that appears to be a fist, the next shot shows that it was firing a standard fireball since the shot is recycled from "Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun" when Pachinko Head fired a fireball at the five.



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