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"Wow! Ho ho ho ho! Let's look at you in a new light."
―Scatterbrain's first words upon being created.[src]

"Where’s ya friends? Did they forget to come?"
―Scatterbrain when confronted by Rocky and Aisha.[src]

"Drat! I can't believe I missed them! I won’t miss them this time."
―Scatterbrain when he missed Rocky, Aisha, Kimberly, and Tommy.[src]

"Wooooooo! I’ve done it. Nobody has a clue who he is anymore. The Power Rangers are finished, silenced forever! Ahhhhhhhhh ha!"
―Scatterbrain after erasing all six of the Power Rangers' memories.[src]

"What? Who said that? Who are you? Whoever you are, you are powerless to stop me from taking these captives back to the Moon."
―Scatterbrain when confronted by Bulk and Skull.[src]

"What? Don’t force me to destroy your minds as well. Ooooooooo! Very well, Earthlings. If you insist on orchestrating your own doom, we will have what I believe you call a showdown. Woooo ho ho ha ha ha ha ha haaaa! You’re not losing your nerve are you?"
―Scatterbrain when Bulk declared that they didn't intend to let him take the Power Rangers to the Moon Palace and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Scatterbrain was a kaleidoscope monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?."

Character History


After Adam gives a class presentation on the properties of kaleidoscopes, Lord Zedd has the idea to use light refraction to erase the Power Rangers' memory of ever being Rangers and render the Earth defenseless. After school, he has Goldar send down a platoon of Putties to ambush Kimberly, Billy and Tommy as they take a stroll home through the Park having bought a new kaleidoscope from a store on the way. Once the Putties are wiped out, Scatterbrain is created from the kaleidoscope that Adam used in his presentation and Billy has happened to be carrying. Scatterbrain can disintegrate people into light particles by firing a massive energy wave from his face and then reform them sans some select memories. Once the monster is born, the three Rangers morph but he manages to erase thier memories of who they are before teleporting away to await the other Power Rangers. Rocky, Adam and Aisha devise a plan to save their friends by using prisms to refract the light and reform the Rangers' memories. However, Scatterbrain soon returns to the countryside outside Angel Grove after they have a run-in with Goldar and the Putties. As such, Rocky and Aisha go to preoccupy the monster whilst Adam and Billy collect two prisms from Billy's lab. After prancing around for a bit, Rocky and Aisha soon stumble across Scatterbrain who is surprised at the absence of Adam and Billy. The two morph but, when Rocky claims that they'll easily handle the monster, Scatterbrain fires on them and they narrowly avoid his subsequent memory erasing ray and the explosion it causes. In the meantime, Adam finds the prisms and teleports to the grasslands but Scatterbrain uses his beam on him and erases Adam's memory almost immediately after he arrives. As the last two Rangers remaining, Rocky and Adam try to secure the prisms by being stupid and charging for the prisms without a plan but they immediately fall victim to Scatterbrain's beam and lose their memories.

The prisms fall to the ground in front of Bulk and Skull who have been on a stakeout in the area and have watched the fight and finally discovered the identity of the Power Rangers. With the Rangers now completely amnesiac and helpless, Bulk and Skull confront the monster whilst hiding the prisms behind their backs. Scatterbrain is unafraid as he has decided to take the Rangers back to Lord Zedd to be presumably destroyed but Bulk and Skull dare him to "draw" which a frustrated Scatterbrain accepts. After a momentary Wild West style stand-off, Scatterbrain shoots his beam at them but the prisms reflect the beams and restore the Rangers' memories whilst also morphing them. However, when the Rangers go to check on Bulk and Skull right after, the two teens have lost their memories of saving the Power Rangers and their true identities. With his scheme in pieces, Lord Zedd grows Scatterbrain to giant-size with a Growth Bomb so the Rangers summon the Thunderzords and form the Thunder Megazord. Now utilizing a sword, Scatterbrain tries to slice it in half but is overwhelmed and impaled by the Thunder Saber before being thrown to the ground and slain by the Thunder Saber. As the Thunder Megazord turns and sheathes the Thunder Saber, Scatterbrain spins flat onto his back and explodes.


Scatterbrain was a cunning, sinister and villainous monster, who won't stop at nothing to destroy the Power Rangers. He was shown also highly cunning and intelligent as he managed to erase their memories with trickery and sneakiness.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation-Scatterbrain could charge green mist-like energy into his right fist and then engulf himself with it to teleport away.
  • Memory Ray: Scatterbrain's signature ability where he fired a large white-green-pink-blue-red light swirl from around his face which would shatter his victims into millions of pieces and then reassemble them without memory of who they are.
    • Explosive: Scatterbrain's memory erasing ray could also have explosive effects as seen when he was trying to hit Rocky and Aisha with it.


  • Depth Perception: Scatterbrain had depth perception despite having just a single eye.
  • Speech: Scatterbrain was able to speak despite completely lacking a mouth.


  • Prisms: If Scatterbrain fired his memory ray at a prism, it would affect the holder but also undo the last memory erasing he did on his victims.
  • Low Intelligence: Scatterbrain clearly wasn't that smart since, rather than just kidnapping the Power Rangers and ignoring Bulk and Skull, he decided to duel with them which was his undoing.
  • Terrible Fighter: Scatterbrain's skills was exclusively limited to his memory erasing powers as his attempts to defeat the Thunder Megazord failed miserably.


  • Fists: Scatterbrain lacked any real weapons for most of the episode but presumably could use his fists had he ever needed to.
  • Sword: When enlarged, Scatterbrain wielded a large broadsword in battle.

Behind the Scenes



  • He is based on a kaleidoscope.


  • His name is a reference to the term "Scatterbrain", which refers to someone who is forgetful, disorganized, or unable to concentrate. However, his name has a double meaning as he literally "scatters" peoples' brains by breaking them into pieces and making them forget things.


To this day, Scatterbrain is considered arguably among the most well known monsters in the whole franchise due to his involvement in the famous Bulk and Skull Wild West homage.

  • Scatterbrain was notable in that he was one of the few villains who actually managed to defeat the Power Rangers. He was only actually defeated by Bulk and Skull.
  • Scatterbrain was the first example of a Sentai derived monster appearing in US footage with the only Japanese footage used being that of his Zord fight. This would be used much more frequently (and notably) in Season 3.
  • Of all the monsters in Season 2 that were enlarged, Scatterbrain was the only one not to speak after being enlarged. He spoke his last words when small and only yelled incomprehensibly when he was enlarged and attacked the Thunder Megazord.
  • Nabisco had a mascot in late 1994 through 1995 that resembled Scatterbrain called the "Nabisco Thing" which even shot out multi-colored light waves that looked very similar to the ones used by Scatterbrain.
    • However, these rays had no negative consequences (and were said to "make something cool happen"), and the Nabisco Thing mascot was not a villain in the commercials he appeared in, but an ally of the kids.


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