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"Reporting to duty sir. There's no bug like a bug. I'll show those hopelessely heroic humans insect power like they've never seen before!"
―Scaraba's first words upon being summoned by Admiral Malkor.[src]

"I've got fancy moves too! ...Wha?!"
―Scaraba's final words before his death[src]

Scaraba is a scarab-themed Insectoid sent down to Earth by Admiral Malkor to defeat the newfound resistance of humanity and is the primary villain of the pilot episode of Power Rangers Megaforce "Mega Mission". He holds his own title among the Insectoids: The Rock Beetle. Scaraba serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Mega Mission".

He is the first Insectoid to fight the Mega Rangers, the first field commander in Power Rangers Megaforce, and is the first monster in the entire Megaforce series as a whole.


Scaraba was created just like other Insectoids. He was a member of Insectoid race and soldier of Armada and Warstar. Instigated by Creepox's rage and Vrak's advice, Admiral Malkor summoned Scaraba to battle. After acknowledging that the Loogies are no match for the Mega Rangers, Malkor decided to give them a real challenge. Scaraba arrived at the Warstar Spaceship and was delighted in his mission to destroy the Power Rangers. Scaraba demonstrated his faithfulness to Malkor and was about to demonstrate his powers by destroying the Rangers. He said that he was a powerful bug and he would show the Rangers insect powers they have never seen before. He then attacked the city with an army of Loogies and rode a giant rock. He frightened the people, by ordering them to run away. Then the Mega Rangers came to the rescue. Jake ordered Scaraba to leave the people alone by calling him a monster. Scaraba was surprised that the Black Ranger called him a monster. Troy told the villain that the Rangers weren't afraid of him and his servants. Scaraba said that it was the time for rock'n'roll and summoned Loogies. Troy said that Rangers would protect the Earth, no matter what it takes, because they were Megaforce Power Rangers. Scaraba thought that the Rangers would easily lose and first sent Loogies to battle the heroes. First the Rangers defeated the Loogies with their Mega Blasters. Then Rangers battled Scaraba, who told the heroes that he would crush them. He tried to attack them with his giant rock but the Rangers destroyed it with their blasters. Scaraba fell and was angry, telling the Rangers that they forced him to lose his lunch and he sucked up rubble into his stomach grinder and attacked them with his rock blasts. However the heroes destroyed the rocks with their Blasters and Scaraba was surprised. Then the Power Rangers activated their Mega Weapons and Scaraba told the Rangers that he also possessed "fancy attacks" and attacked the teens with his fireballs but they had no effect and the Rangers attacked the monster with their Mega Weapons, with Noah finally taking him down with his Shark Bowgun's Shark Bite attack. Then Mega Rangers formed the Megaforce Blaster and destroyed Scaraba with the Dynamic Victory Charge. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mega Mission


Scaraba is a determined soldier who proudly served the cause of the Insectoids. He is devoted to Malkor and openly expresses his confidence before Vrak as to show how superior his kind is to humanity. However, he was arrogant and confident since he underestimated the Rangers, which proved to be his weakness. In battle, he has proven to be a strong opponent, but is prone to drop his guard, which ultimately results in his defeat.

Powers and Abilities


  • Rock Blast: Scaraba is able to suck up rubble into his stomach grinder, which creates rocks to attack opponents by launching them in rapid succession.
    • Boulder Roll: Scaraba can also suck up rubble to create a massive boulder to crush his foes with by rolling over them.
  • Eye Lasers: Scaraba can fire yellow energy lasers from his eyes.
  • Blue Fireballs: Scaraba can unleash large blue-colored fireballs from his hands. These were presumably his strongest attacks since he called them his "fancy attacks" and they caused massive explosions in front of the Rangers (although it did not affect them).


  • Strength: Despite being the first monster of the week, Scaraba has great physical strength to battle the Rangers with.
  • Durability-Scaraba remained standing despite being hit by the Dragon Slash, Phoenix Shot, Tiger's Claw, and Snake's Venom with none of them managing to knock him down. It took the full power of the Shark's Bite and the large explosions it caused just to knock him down.
  • Loogie Summoning-Scaraba can summon Loogies to aid him in battle.
  • Enhanced Balance: Scaraba seems to have incredible balancing skills, as shown when he was standing and moving a boulder without falling from it.


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  • Claw Gauntlets: Scaraba has large claw-like gauntlets on his arms for combat.

Behind the Scenes



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  • His full title is Scaraba, the Rock Beetle, and he is referred as such when summoned by Malkor. Despite his title as the Rock Beetle, he is actually scarab-themed.
  • It is unclear why Vrak didn't use the Zombats to make Scaraba grow.
  • His motif is based off a Scarab Beetle.


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