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Scale of the Salamander

  • Hazard Level: 220

The Scale of the Salamander (火竜のウロコ Saramandā no Uroko) is a scale of a dragon which was discovered by the SGS officers in Europe and sent to Japan to assist in the completion of the Accel Tector armor. Ryuuwon steals the scale after it's arrival, hoping to use it to empower Wicked Dragon Dryken and further transform it into a giant, but Souta reclaims it while escaping from Ryuuwon's trap. Merging the scale with the developed Accel Tector, Akashi completes the suit and is able to use the Dual Crusher to defeat Ryuuwon's Wicked Dragon. Task 7: The Salamander's Scale

As the essential component of the Accel Tector, the Scale of Salamander was not kept in the SGS Museum's Precious Bank and as such survived its self-destruction. Task. 47: The Box of Despair

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