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Sazaemadillogin (サザエマジロギン Sazaemajirogin) (37) is the Combined Galactic Warrior of the Silver Imperial Army Zone, combining attributes the turbanshell-like Sazaegin (サザエ, Sazaegin) and the armadillo-like Armadillogin (アルマジロ, Arumajirogin)

Character History

Sazaemadillogin is a Combined Galactic Warrior created by Doldora to create "the ultimate warrior" that not even Fiveman can stop. With its impenetrable shield-like body, it proves its power as impossible to break through combined with its turbanshell-like spikes making it hard to likewise hit. In a move of desperation, Gaku releases the energy within the belt of his Five Suit, creating a massive explosion that both hurts the Combined Galactic Warrior as well as himself; but Zone decides to use Gorlin #32 to prevent it from being out of action for too long and to force Fiveman to fight using their mecha, only to be forced with a power not even Super FiveRobo's Super Vector Punch could phase. Ultimately, Ken decides to try the new Five Tector suit that Gaku was working on prior, in hopes that its power would be enough to finally stand up to the monster. Using the FiveBlue Five Tector, he uses the "cannon" point where Super FiveRobo's hands typically are held (for the Super Vector Punch) and has his siblings fire him from there, using the strength and power of the new suit to penetrate and ultimately destroy the unstoppable Sazaemadillogin.



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  • Sazaemadillogin's ultimate ability is its massive defense, combining the strength of both a turbanshell and an armadillo to create an impenetrable body that not even Super FiveRobo can break through; it also can create special "turban spike" swords used by the Zone forces at one point.

Behind the Scenes


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