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Sayuri Iwakura (岩倉 小百合 Iwakura Sayuri) is a former female friend of Nagare's, having been a classmate of his at school. When they were younger, they had made promises to follow their dreams, with hers to be a great astronomer and make discoveries. She ultimately does, becoming the first human to discover the asteroid Grandeo, which had been summoned to Earth by Grandiene to accelerate Minus Energy accumulation for her revival. Fearing how knowledge of Grandeo could leak out to the humans and GoGoFive, Sayuri becomes abducted by the Psyma to shut down any media knowledge of the situation, forcing Nagare to save her. Ultimately after the incident, she reveals she actually is further along to her dream than Nagare is to his, embarrasing him.

Behind the scenes


Sayuri Iwakura was portrayed by Miho Maruyama (丸山 未帆 Maruyama Miho).


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