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Saw Bot Generation 15 is one of Venjix's Attack Bots and the primary villain of the episode "Prisoners", this Attack Bot's theme is saw theme.

Character History

This bot was created with one sole purpose, to destroy the Power Rangers. The Rangers first detected what they thought was a Ball of Yarn Attack Bot, which had entered the city through a trash shoot. However, when they went to investigate, they could not find anything.

Tenaya 7 and the Generals then surprised them and had the Saw Bot begin his attack on the Rangers. The team learned that the Saw Bot was programmed to learn the Rangers moves and fighting strategies. So as the Rangers tried to fight him, he learned everything on the five core Rangers. Luckily the Gold & Silver Rangers came in and forced the evil villains to retreat.

Later when the Saw Bot returned, the Red & Blue Rangers were the only ones inside the city to fight him. The other Rangers had journeyed out into the Wastelands to try and find information on Dillon's sister at the Venjix Grinder Factory. The Gold & Silver Rangers with their Sky Shift Blazers were able to take the Saw Bot out.

Venjix brought the bot back online and giant size. The Rangers fought with the Zenith Megazord, and the Gold & Silver Ranger's Zords. Together they managed to successfully destroy the Saw Bot for good.


The Saw Bot is silent.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: The Saw Bot is one of the more stronger Attack Bots, being able to over power all five RPM Rangers in battle.
  • Scan: The Saw Bot can scan his targets to learn the Rangers fighting style.


  • Saw Left Arm: True to his name, the Saw Bot has a saw on his left arm for close melee combat.

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