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Save Our Shores is the second episode of Beast Morphers Season 2, and the twenty-fourth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers. It features the debut of Blaze and Roxy's robotic avatars, the return of Evox, and the first appearance of the Crystal Dimension.


A huge trash spill at the beach endangers the local wildlife while Scrozzle sets about finding reinforcements.


At Riptide Gym, Blaze finishes up his karate class before meeting up with the others at the dining area. When he notices that Roxy isn’t here, Ravi explains that she has a new job at Collins Industries thanks to her aunt Regina Collins, who is the CEO. Just then, they see on the news a huge garbage spill on the Coral Harbor beach, causing the group to act and help Roxy and the rest of the volunteers to help clean up. Ben and Betty come to help after mistakenly thinking it was beach day, only to get stuck together thanks to using glue instead of sunblock. However, the two decide to use the glue by collecting garbage on their bodies, much to everybody’s bemusement. Afterwards, one of the volunteers tells Roxy that they found a gravely injured sea turtle pulled from the sea, and Zoey suggests taking it to the Coral Harbor Marine Center to treat it. However, both Zoey and Nate fear that more sea life could end up injured like the turtle, and Roxy promises to find and save every one of them.

Meanwhile, Scrozzle has set up a new base in an unknown dimension covered in crystals, just as Evox teleports in with a new form, looking suspiciously like a human. Although Scrozzle warns Evox that his new form could drain Moprh-X and corrupt his virus, the latter morphs back into his true form and dismisses those concerns as the human body he has is the key to his plans. Evox asks Scrozzle about his new generals that he promised, but the latter said that all he needs is some DNA from two teenagers. Then, Scrozzle infects a bird cage with the virus to create Trappertron.

At the Coral Harbor Marine Center, more sea creatures are sent in for medical treatment, but while Dr. Walsh promises to do everything to help care for them, they need more resources as they are runned by donations and volunteers. Roxy goes off to talk to her aunt about funding the Marine Center with Zoey and Blaze joining her, but Collins refuses to as they’re already paying enough for the cleanup. Undeterred, Roxy calls the Dr. Walsh and lies to him that her Collins Industries will provide the funds for the Marine Center, but suddenly, she and Blaze are trapped in a steel cage. Trappertron appears and blasts Zoey away, but the rest of the Rangers arrive to help. While Nate goes to free Blaze and Roxy, the others morph to fight against the Robotron and a squad of Tronics. Suddenly, Scrozzle appears and scans the captured teens, leaving quickly as he appeared. After destroying the Tronics, Nate calls Ravi in to help break the cage. Trappertron traps the other three Rangers in a cage, but they destroy the cage with their Beast-X Sabers before Devon destroys the Robotron with a Beast-X Slash. Meanwhile, Ravi uses his gorilla strength to bend the bars enough for Blaze and Roxy to escape, but Nate brings up how Scrozzle scanned the two while trapped.

Meanwhile, Scrozzle uses the DNA on two blank robots, recreating the evil Blaze and Roxy from the two elements. The two are confused as they thought the Rangers destroyed them, but Scrozzle explains that he recreated them using the DNA he scanned, the back-up data from their original Avatar beings, and robot spare parts. Evox tells his generals to be ready for anything, causing the two to grin sinisterly.

At the Coral Harbor Marine Center, the Rangers heard that Collins Industries are paying for the treatments, surprising Blaze and Zoey as they thought Regina would have said no. However, Regina storms in, angry that somebody used her name to approve the funding, causing a guilty Roxy to confess to doing so. Roxy said she did so since Zoey was right, their wasteful actions have caused the sea life to get sick, but Regina ignorantly says that sea life gets sick all the time, and it could not be their fault. Just then, a volunteer says there’s another sea turtle sick from tangled plastic, and it’s not breathing properly. Seeing that the plastic was from the trash fill, Regina is moved by what Roxy had said and agrees to pay from the medical expenses, much to Roxy’s pleasure.

Just then, Devon’s Wrist Com acts up, and the Rangers are called in to stop a Tronic attack at the warehouse district. When they arrive, Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy make their appearance, shocking the Rangers, and they proceed to fight. During the fight, Devon lands a kick on Robo-Blaze, only to see the latter’s robotic nature in place as Blaze short circuits from the attack. Afterwards, the Robo-Generals morph, revealing new Ranger forms compared to their Avatar counterparts. The Rangers morph in response, but as the fight resumes, Robo-Roxy uses her blasters to short out Devon’s Cheetah Claws. In response, Devon summons the Beast-X Ultra Blaster, and all five fire on the Robo-generals and Tronics, destroying them. Suddenly, they see Scrozzle and a pair of Tronics gathering Morph-X, but they teleport out before the Rangers could stop them. Afterwards, Commander Shaw contacts the Rangers, telling them that aGigadrone was detected at Tango 5-4. At Grid Battleforce, the Beast-X Ultrazord is formed just as Trapperdrone teleports near the Morph-X Tower. Although Trapperdrone tries to blast at the Ultrazord, the Rangers quickly destroy it with the Beast-X Ultra Strike.

Back at the unnamed crystal location, Evox is furious that his new generals were destroyed in their debut fight. Before he could destroy Scrozzle in anger, the latter uses his device to rebuild Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy. To calm down the confusion, Scrozzle explains that the machine he built to create them downloads their data into fresh robot blanks, meaning they can be rebuilt as fast as they’re destroyed. The Robo-Generals and Evox are pleased by this, especially as it would help the latter take control of the Morphin Grid.

Back at the beach, Ben and Betty tell Zoey that all the garbage is cleaned up, and so is the glue off their bodies.

At the Coral Harbor Marine Center, the Rangers tell the real Blaze and Roxy about their robotic counterparts which leaves them shocked. They are reassured by the Rangers that they destroyed them. Then, Regina shows them that the sick turtle has made a full recovery and thanks them for showing her how their actions affect the environment.



  • Nate says that Trapperdrone is nearing the Morph-X Tower but it is already directly next to it as he says this.
  • It seems Steel was using a Beast-X Morpher once again, instead of his Striker Morpher during the fight with Trappertron.
  • In the shot where Devon streaks towards Trappertron to destroy him, Zoey can be seen summoning her Beast-X Blaster for some reason.
    • This is because in Go-Busters, Trappertron was originally destroyed by Zoey's Beast-X Cannon and Devon's Beast-X Saber. The reason that this was removed is probably because of how violent it would look.
  • When Robo-Blaze crashes into the fuel canisters his stunt double can briefly be seen.


  • This episode is the first to show an animal near death and deal with it directly.
  • This is the first and so far only episode of Power Rangers to premiere on Leap Day.
  • Miriama Smith, who played Roxy's Aunt Regina, previously played Elsa in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
  • This is the first time all five Rangers pilot the Beast-X Ultrazord. In said Zord's debut, only four of the Rangers were able to pilot it as Devon was held hostage in the Cyber Dimension.
  • This episode marks the final regular appearances thus far of the human Blaze and Roxy. The human Roxy would be mentioned by Ravi in "Secret Struggle". Both eventually resurface in later episodes.
  • The ability to download into new bodies is similar to the that of the Cylons in the 2004 version of Battlestar Galactica.[1]

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