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Save Our Ship is the third episode of Power Rangers In Space. It continued from the previous episode and continues into the next episode.


The Power Rangers return to Earth with Andros to bond better with him along with Ashley spending time with Andros. Unfortunately, Astronema has followed the Rangers there and unleashes Ecliptor on them.

Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull team up with a nutty old scientist named Professor Phenomenus to prove that aliens do exist and are currently targeting Earth.


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  • When Andros was fighting some Quantrons, the guy in the costume is briefly seen.
  • When Astronema is talking about the Rangers taking the shuttle back to Earth, Elgar can be seen in the background waiting to come in.
  • When the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appear, Venus de Milo is clearly stepping on the black circle, which is meant to be an open sewer. She should have fallen down the hole.


  • First appearance of Ecliptor, Adelle Ferguson and Professor Phenomenus .
  • The Surf Spot debuts in this episode, replacing the Youth Center as the Rangers main hangout. It is not stated if Adelle took over and remodeled the Youth Center, or if the Surf Spot is on a different property altogether (although the Surf Spot is the Youth Center set redressed).
  • This episode kicks off Bulk and Skull's subplot for the season, as the two finally get permanent jobs as the assistants of scatterbrained Professor Phenomenus and set out to prove that aliens exist.
  • When T.J. and Ashley are on the SimuDeck, they pose while two bars appear reading "MegaYellow" and "MegaBlue". These were left in from the Sentai show it was adapted from, Denji Sentai Megaranger.
  • This episode begins where "From Out of Nowhere" ends.
  • Ashley begins to have romantic feelings for Andros in this episode.
  • Ecliptor is destroyed, in this episode, by the Astro Megazord. He will return, with no explanation, back to life, in "Never Stop Searching".


  • Go, Fly, Win

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