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"The Savage Sword grows more powerful with each blow" ~ Psycho Pink wielding the sword.

The Savage Sword was an ancient sword stuck in a stone on the planet Rashon. It was said that the weapon was more powerful than all the Quasar Sabers combined.

The Power of Pink

Savage sword in the stone

Psycho Pink pulling out the Savage Sword

The sword was discovered by Kendrix Morgan during her research on the Galaxy Book, at the same time Psycho Pink uploaded herself into Terra Venture's computer mainframe to find one of the Pink Rangers. When Kendrix learned the sword was on a nearby planet, named Rashon, Psycho Pink reached out from the computer to absorb the information regarding the sword from Kendrix's mind. Kendrix and Cassie Chan morphed into the Pink Galaxy and Space Rangers and pursued her to the planet, however they arrived too late to stop her.

Psycho Pink found the sword and pulled it out of the rock. She then used it to fight the Pink Rangers but mostly focused on Cassie. As it was used, the Savage Sword upgraded itself, absorbing energy from Cassie. During the battle, Cassie eventually took a powerful blow from the sword and her energy was drained completely, resulting in a demorph.

LG Savage Sword Vortex
Savage sword shatters
Psycho Pink then stabbed the sword into her Astro Morpher, gaining power and healing herself, while harming Cassie in the process. The Savage Sword created an energy storm barrier around itself, sending out pulses of energy that could destroy both the planet and the nearby Terra Venture. Kendrix went into the eye of the storm to save Cassie. She destroyed the Savage Sword with her Quasar Saber, but was killed in the process. As a result of her sacrifice, the storm created from the sword disappeared, and Cassie, her morpher and the colony were saved.


Kendrix said that the Savage Sword was more powerful than the Quasar Sabers combined. Psycho Pink said the sword grows more powerful with each blow. It appears that the sword's main ability is to absorb the power and energy of the people and objects it strikes. This energy was absorbed first into the sword itself, allowing it to upgrade itself, and then the energy was transferred to its wielder, allowing the wielder to heal injuries and increase power.

When Psycho Pink stabbed the Savage Sword into Cassie's morpher, it created an energy field that was visible from space and immediately started transferring power to Psycho Pink even though she was no longer holding it. It seems the Sword establishes a connection to its wielder. The power transfer allowed Psycho Pink to transform into her monstrous form and then grow to immense size. However, after Psycho Pink was destroyed by the combined efforts of two megazords, the Savage Sword did not revive her and continued to steal power from both Cassie and her morpher while maintaining the energy field.

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