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Satsuki Ooishi is a childhood female friend and ultimately wife of Raita Ooishi

Character History

Satsuki was a small-town girl who lived in the same village as Raita when they were children. Whenever Raita was cowardly or couldn't do something, she would cheer him on to allow him to do anything. This was most prevalent during a 'mud race' which he only won because of her support.

Although Raita moved to the city, he still kept in contact with Satsuki constantly while keeping his moral compass. However when she decides to come to the city herself, Satsuki completely changes, becoming very "cosmopolitan" in appearance and personality as if this was what she believed was needed to be modern and with where she was. The change disturbed Raita, who saw her looking utterly foolish in changing herself just because of where she was and forgetting about what made him like her in the first place.

However while Satsuki was in the city, Tran ends up using her as part of his scheme with Fashion Dimension to turn people into misfits and monsters by changing their outfits. Giving her the outfit of an assassin, Satsuki becomes a gunman who was instructed to kill the Jetman on sight. However seeing what she has become, Raita decides to deal with her by reawakening their memories together, splashing around in a puddle of mud to remind her of the mud race and ultimately freeing her from Fashion Dimension's control. Having realized the positives of her plainness and that fashion doesn't make a person, she returns to the country with Raita giving her an enthusiastic departure.Ep. 9: Muddy Love

Three years after the final defeat of the Vyram, Satsuki has married Raita and the two live together working a vegetable farm just where Raita had set up prior.Final Ep.: Flap Your Wings! Aviators!

Behind the scenes


As a child, she was portrayed by Mayuko Aso (麻生真友子 Asō Mayuko).


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