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Satoru Shinonome (東雲悟 Shinonome Satoru)[1] was the original candidate intended to become Patren 2gou (パトレン2号 Patoren Nigō), the Green Ranger of the Patrangers, who was later replaced by Sakuya Hikawa upon his death.

Character History

He went on a mission only to end up being injured by the Gangler member Zonic Lee and was later transferred to GSPO French HQ after his recovery with Sakuya taking his place on the team. He is shown to have visited Bistrot Jurer once, observing his successor from a distance. Keiichiro has since kept Satoru's music player as a memento of his time on the team.

At some point, he was later killed off-screen, by Zamigo Delma with his form being used by Narizma Shibonz as a disguise to frame Noel Takao, making the VS Sentai believe that he worked for the Ganglers.

However, Keiichiro figured out that "Satoru" was not his former teammate as the music player he was carrying around contained no actual music on it, meaning that "Satoru" was only pretending to listen to his music. Sakuya and Tsukasa also figured out that the leaks were actually coming from France HQ, and the three Patrangers went on to confront "Satoru", who was revealed to be Narizma. After Narizma's defeat, the Patrangers stood over the fake music player left behind by the Satoru disguise worn by Narizma, as Keiichiro brings out the real Satoru's music player again, vowing to find out the truth for Satoru's sake.


Satoru was generally relaxed, collected, and level-headed, as a contrast to Keiichiro's hot-headed personality. He would oftentimes carry a music player with him, listening to music during his duties to keep himself in focus. After his death, Keiichiro would keep his music player as sort of a memento, and also as a lesson to himself to keep his temper in control.

Satoru apparently does not like candy, which Tsukasa notes when she sees him enjoying one of the chocolates he'd brought to them from France. This raises her suspicions, but "Satoru" waves it away as her remembering things incorrectly.

Behind the Scenes


Satoru Shinonome was portrayed by Hirotaka Hatano (秦野浩孝 Hatano Hirotaka).




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