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Satan Monger (サターンモンガー Satan Mongā, 36 & 37) is a demon-themed Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma.

Character History

Satan Monger was created to fully utilize psychic abilities at Hedrian's command believing them essential for combat. However, when Queen Hedrian becomes paralyzed by the massive psychic power of Himiko Kitazawa, a powerful descendant of planet Denzi, it goes on a mission to kill any psychics or ESPers it can find in order for Hedrian to get over her headache. Sun Vulcan initially encounter it when it tries to kill a TV psychic, but later are forced to protect another famous psychic (who happened to be Himiko's sister Kamiko) to prevent her from being assaulted by Black Magma's forces. Sun Vulcan appear to defeat the Monger in combat, defeating it with Vulcan Ball and forcing it to use its Expansion Program to grow and fight Sun Vulcan Robo; however before the team can use Aura Plasma Returns to end it, it uses teleportation power to escape.Ep. 36: The ESPer

Satan Monger continues to pursue Kamiko Kitagawa with Black Magma's forces while trying to track down the "special ESPer" that causes so much pain to Hedrian. After failing to find Himiko (mainly due to Satan Monger's inability to enter a church the ESPer was hiding in due to the crosses all over the place), Hedrian and Amazon Killer decide to use the Monger's ESPer tracking ability to round up every ESPer in Japan and gas them, murdering them all simultaneously. When Kamiko is collected for the first batch of psychic's to be killed, Himiko emerges from hiding and crushes Satan Monger and Hedrian's forces before her powers finally give out. When Sun Vulcan appears to fight it once again, they crush Satan Monger like before forcing it to grow; but before it can use its teleportation to escape once again, they combine the Solar Sword and Solar Tonfa into the "Solar Cross", weakening the Monger long enough to use Aura Plasma Returns and finally finish it off.Ep. 37: Himiko!


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His main ability are special psychic powers taught to him by Queen Hedrian for comba including psychokinetic waves and psychic blasts from the hands to attack opponents, pyrokinesis, clairvoyance to locate ESPers, and teleportation. He also possesses Monger Missiles his his shoulder cannons.

Behind the Scenes


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