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Satan Megas (サタンメガス Satanmegasu, 43 & 44) is a Neo Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, piloted by Mason.


A Neo Mecha-Gigan that while tough on its own, has the ability of immortality associated with having its controls within a Mecha Human named Miki, who "revives" it with every attack it takes reforming it into its original battle means. In terms of combat it can fire lasers from its palms and emit explosive flashes from its torso.


Satan Megas is sent out immediately by Doctor Man in a challenge to Bioman in hopes of taking them down. During an initial battle, Bioman uses Weight Attack and even Bio Particle Cut to "destroy" it, but it could not be stopped due to the external influence of Miki, a Mecha Human with the power to resurrect the Neo Mecha Gigan over and over. After the initial attacks, she is found by Shuichi Kageyama, who protects her while his guardian, one Professor Shibata, installs a Conscious Circuit that allows for her to escape from any control that Doctor Man tries to hold upon her as a Mecha Human. After the initial defeat, Bioman tries to track down Miki to disable her, but she ends up in the protection of Shuichi Kageyama, who doesn't want her to be destroyed or be under the influence of Doctor Man.Ep. 43: The Sailor-Suited Soldier

After escaping from Gear's clutches, Mason tries to attack again with Satan Megas in order to draw out Bioman and Bio Robo. During this attack, Miki tries to use prayer to stop the Neo Mecha Gigan, which surprisingly works due to Shibata's Conscious Circuit influencing Satan Megas conversely, preventing it from attacking its enemies or causing destruction! Eventually once Mason regains full control over Satan Megas, he and Bioman have a final showdown, with the mecha still having a problem in trying to stop its continuous resurrection. Seeing her influence as the only way to calm and defeat the Neo Mecha Gigan, Miki sacrifices herself in order to give the Conscious Circuit and her will into Satan Megas, stunning it and preventing Mason from attacking; Bioman quickly use the Straight Flash to stun the mecha before finishing it off with their Bio Particle Cut.Ep. 44: The Beautiful Conscience Circuit


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