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Sasorinamazugin (サソリナマズギン Sasorinamazugin) (36) is the Combined Galactic Warrior of the Silver Imperial Army Zone, combining attributes the scorpion-like Sasorigin (サソリギン, Sasorigin) and the catfish-like Namazugin (ナマズギン, Namazugin).


Character History

Sasorinamazugin is a Combined Galactic Warrior used to switch the minds and bodies of anyone trapped within a radius, using it to switch people, as well as people and animals, in order to cause chaos. During an initial assault, he switches the minds and bodies of the twin Fivemen, Fumiya and Remi, causing them both confusion as well as an inability to use their Fiveman powers. As Gaku, Ken and Kazumi try to deal with the monster on their own (as "Threeman" as Chevalier dubs them), Fumiya and Remi decide to use a strategy to switch themselves back, using ventriloquism to make him seem like they found a cure on their own in order for Sasorinamazugin to use the switching ability again to unknowingly switch them back once again. Once restored, FiveBlack and FiveYellow use a combined "Twin Attack" to defeat the Combined Galactic Warrior; after Chevalier uses Gorlin #31 to make him become giant, Fiveman summon both FiveRobo and StarFive, with the twins using both and unleashing consecutive Super-Dimensional Sword and Hang Beam attacks to finish him off.


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  • While his main means of combat is his control of electricity, his main strategy involves using special scorpion stingers that strike an area and using the electricity to switch the minds and bodies of everyone within the radius of the stinger, thus confusing anyone trapped within his zone.

Behind the Scenes


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