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""Sorry to keep you waiting! Sasamatage is waiting! Hey! No one's here! I've got time to kill! I'm just brimming with power. So I'm just going to be a menace by myself.""
―Sasamatage's first words when arriving on the Rokumon's Junk and finding it empty for reasons never explained.[src]
""Oh? ShinkenRed? Please don't get in the way. Aren't my eggs that can turn humans to Gedou just lovely?""
―Sasamatage when confronted by the Shinkengers.[src]
―Sasamatage when trying to stop Takeru from charging at him with his Two-Mode Transforming Rekka Daizantou and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
""What're you doing?!""
―Sasamatage after having his egg attack knocked back at him by DaiKaiOh West Mode and his final words before his death.[src]

Sasamatage (ササマタゲ, Sasamatage, 21): Sasamatage is an Ayakashi armed with the Fukusui Chōgekiken (覆水長戟剣, Spilt Water Long Ji Sword). Finding the Rokumon Junk empty, Sasamatage decides to cause trouble on his own by placing his eggs on humans to make them violent. He is destroyed by the teamwork of ShinkenRed, Blue and Yellow, Sasamatage enlarges and is quickly destroyed by the teamwork of Tenkuu ShinkenOh and DaikaiOh.

His shoulder, which resembles a spilled jar, is the basis of the Kameosa (瓶長) of Japanese myth.



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